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Re: Liver Pain by plzchuckle ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/10/2011 6:35:13 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi MH,
 I know you have answered my similar question over email few days ago (you recommended OJ fasting or chiropractor) – but that time my symptoms were not clear. And now I got clarification of my symptoms as being liver related. I emailed the new question to you 2 times (to non-curezone email) but got now reply. I wonder if your emails are still not being delivered (we had this issue a while ago).

From personal experience, MH doesn't listen to the posibility that his email isn't working ... and has been known to get quite testy about it, even with me.

It's now obvious that my pains/discomfort is coming from liver. It feels like swollen or "dense". When I raise my right arm I feel a “tension” in liver area, on my side.  Once in few days it feels like colic for a brief moment. Hate to go to doctors, they harass me with drugs and expensive tests. There’s still a slight chance it could be skeleton/nerve related but less likely.

Sounds like liver congestion to me, and I am very well acquainted with these feelings.  Your best bet with any liver issue is to steer clear of MDs ... they are cluless.

I can only guess what’s causing it. I suspect I might be lacking Fats (EFA)? I’m taking 1-2 Table Spoons of Coconut Oil before bed. Should I take more?  Or is it time for my first liver flush? If so, is this the protocol to follow:   ? 

What's causing it?  ACIDOSIS!!  An accumulation of acid wastes and/or parasites.  I've taken probably the record of liquid lecithin, it helps, but I still believe in liver flushing and I still do liver flushing.

At the top of every page at curezone is "Clark" button, Click on that, click on liver when that page opens.  Print out the liver flush protocol.  FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS, BEGINNING WITH PRE-FLUSH STEPS!

The only thing that I would add to that protocol?  Continuous parasite cleansing until you've had 3 flushes in a row that are stone free.  Maintenance flushing is advised, like taking "spring tonic."  Flush after stone free when the season's change.

My other guess would be either a stone-blocked liver duct, or too fast detoxifying and liver is having hard time. I don’t know anything beyond that or lack of fats. I hope you can clarify that for me. I never had a liver pain, even when I had a hepatitis-A at age 12. I’m in my 30ths now.

You probably have liver weakness after all that!  And you probably took Rx that started the process of clogging that puppy up!  I'd certainly be flushing were I you!

I think these symptoms started in a very-very mild way 6 months ago, after I stopped eating meat/diary. Now they are intensified.

Trying to detox with an already partially clogged liver.  You probably hit that nail on the head yourself.

I'm taking:
- A commercial liver formula in capsules: Milk Thistle, Silymarin, Curcumin (stopped taking yesterday)
- only vegetables and fruits diet, some germinated grains (wheat, rye, pearl barley), little olive and grapeseed oils, some dry fruits, some nuts (trying taking them separately). Cooked grains once in few days.

 I've not found a product out there that comes close to replacing the relief I get from flushing.  MH has a couple formulas that I took religiously:  L/GB cleanse (personally, I prefer what the soy one does for my body ... I wish he'd make us a sunflower lecithin one to try) and L/GB Balance, it's liver and gallbladder "food."

Your diet looks pretty dang good for a beginner!

Added 5 weeks ago:
-  Around 10-12 LBBs per day  (currently having 2-3 BMs a day)


Added 3 weeks ago:
- P/W/A – 2 table spoons per day in the morning and before bed
- Kidney tincture - 1 teaspoon before bed right after P/W/A
- Coconut Oil – 1-2  tablespoons right after P/W/A and Kidney tincture
- Oregano Oil (1/4 Oregano, 3/4 Olive) on tooth. Total aprox 18 drops per day
- Tooth and Gum Powder applying to tooth aprox 6 times a day
- BF&C 9-12 capsules per day 

I believe in all these formulas!!  You're on the right track.  Opening the organs of elimination in imperative!  What are you doing for lymphatic system?

Please, advice MH or anyone.  Thanks.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I had several mercury fillings removed 7 months ago. I’ve had them in my mouth for 10 years. I haven’t chelated or anything. I hadn't have any obvious mercury poisoning symptoms while I had the mercury. I removed it basing on common sense after I learned about “silver” being actually mercury. Could this liver issue be related to mercury? If so, how do I chelate effectively? Anyone?

There is common sense to cleansing and first you get your elimination headed in the right direction.  Then you can metal cleanse and fast and be able to function in your normal life.  Otherwise, you can wind up in the bed.  Cleation is essential, but not right now, get that liver function and lymph system working first.

Hope this helps!



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