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cold and flu virus cure finally solved by boatman ..... News Forum

Date:   1/7/2012 5:02:01 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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some of you might know my penchance for the flu achilles heel.....the chink in my armour.

i have tried everything.....a list too long to type....

echinecea n goldenseal...vit d...chinese herbs...oranges til my mouth was ate up......the flu shot(decades ago before i was enlightened)....12 herb hepc combo(extremely strong immune riser).....rife freqs. from my $6000 light-the strongest on made.

everybody elses remedies...all of them...for DECADES.....every single one believe me all the way to eating mouthfuls of garlic.

i can't say for sure that FOR ME any of them really helped.

i get the flu 3-8 X a year n it lasts 3-14 DAYS.....for me its weakness n body aches.....i'm around someone w/a cold---comes ouit in me in body aches n weakness....couch n tv weakness.....n sleep.

anyway the lights out deal for me is mega vit c doses....5,000mgs PER EVERY WAKING HOUR!!!!

u cannot eat that many oranges and ascorbic acid is fine u don't need to overpay w/some fancy C.

i tell u at the first sign of it(whatever it is for you) you start HAMMERING IT.

i set a timer(you are spacy when u are coming down w/flu)

i keep i handy w/water....right there next to me.

it has been lights out for flu and has SAVED MY BUTT!!!!!!

probably in the LONG RUN it will save my life....i always figured flu was what would get me some OLDER day.

i throw some lysine in w/it 2x a day.

i take C n lysine everyday for arteries anyway and am raising my amount to 5,000 C 500 lysine 2x day to help ward it off in first place.

i tell you this is the ANSWER.


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