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HELP...please get me started! by mountainluvr ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/27/2005 7:51:45 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hello! I am really hoping that all of you might take a moment to help me by sharing some words of wisdom and advice. I also believe that by taking the time to help me; you will also be helping many others that read this post that are in the same position that I am in.

I will try to keep this as short as possible. Basically, I am a 24 year old female, and had always thought of myself as being healthy, I am slim and muscular; and always went to my doctor regularly. About a year ago I began having acne breakout and have been put on antibiotics ever since, and have been give many different birth control pills. I have been experiencing changes in my body that are not normal--nothing serious,but never the less;I am not happy with my change in overall health. Since my acne seems to only get worse, and I keep spending more and more money on medications,I started feeling fed up with my doctor and began searching the web. I dicovered and fell in love with this site!!! Everything that I am reading makes SO much sense; and I feel like I have been betrayed by my doctors (for example, I have asked my doctor MANY times about my constipation; and have always been told not to worry that I am just one of those people that naturally doesn"t go but once a week!)...I have discovered that I am NOT living a healthy life and now feel dirty in my own skin! I want to change my lifestyle; but I am so new to all of this that I don't even know where to start!

I realize that for me to make this a permanent life change I will need to start slow and ease my way into this. I believe that I should start by altering my diet (nothing too drastic at first); and by taking a few suppliments. I think that if I can fix my constipation problem that will solve many of my ailments, the acne most of all. I have spent hours reading on line and am overwhelmed with head is spinning!

I NEED EVERYONE'S HELP PLEASE!!! Help me save my own life! Like I said before, for me to realistically do this I need to start with the basics that will prove to have good results that will keep me motivated to try more and more as I go. I have put off going to the grocery store because I don't know what to buy! Help me, what food should I buy? Could you please send me a few recipes that I could try? Any snack idea's? Also, what suppliments should I start taking first? I don't have a ton of money to spend but want to see results in my constipation and acne. I am one of those people that can NOT force myself to down bad tasting things...I throw it up! SO, pill suppliments will probably be best. I will most likely need something pretty strong to combat years of taking laxatives; but can't bring myself to do an enema yet. I've heard so many opinions, I just don't know what to take??? Do I take zinc, magnesium, formula #1,etc.??? How much do I take? I feel so clueless!

I feel like I am being a big baby! I need someone to help hold my hand and teach me how to live a healthy life as an adult! My entire life I have learned bad habbits and that is all I know. I would appreciate your time and attention so much! I really need someone to treat me like a child and teach me the very basics and very specific things to do. I can't thank you enough!!!!!


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