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Re: HELP...please get me started! by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/28/2005 8:26:42 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Birth control has dangerous side effects that you are now realizing and smart enough to just say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most kill your 1-2 day old baby, so many people have aborted dozens of children and never realized it thanks to modern drugs. This path leads to an operation that greatly shortens your life. You will soon learn that most medical/scientific methods have the blessings of the governments "IF" it leads to premature death before age 65.

Birth Control?

Mess with Nature and Nature will remove you, PERIOD!

Ideally years ago, you would be pure and have no mating desires until age 100+. My German Shepard female dog has never seen a vet, never consumed a drug and is 9 years old, she will not allow a male dog or coyote on the property and they"ALL" try!! She greets them with bare teethe and sends the boys all packing.

A diseased male/female will seek to mate as early as is needed to survive, this can be at age 12 or younger. They may not live to see 40, so the desire to mate is NOW. The more polluted, the more the desire.

Mating reduces your longevity and mating to not have a child or killing that child is dangerous business now and after you leave this earth!!! Killing babies is serious business that may land you in a heap of trouble on your goal to accel to higher planes. You will never really die, only your body, you yourself will live forever, so you better think about what you do these few years on earth that could set you backwards.

Killing a child, does not kill the child's spirit and if you kill a child, the child knew this before you did it, but you accept the judgement, not the child. Judgement on earth is eternal, your record can not be changed nore forgiven via any religion, no amount of tithing can erase 1 word. What you can do, is STOP and start anew and this is what you saying in your post, you do not want to harm your body or anyone else, especially your children, etc., you get the point.

So you accept that mating reduces your longevity and that way it is no secret when you die. We do many, many things that reduce our longevity and we accept that they reduce our longevity and become a permanent record of our Spirit's eternal life and each time, we will learn to do better and better.

Ideally do the best you can.

Mating with no desire for a child is everyday monkey see, monkey do as tought in public schools owned by Governments who wish to maintain control over you all your life.

"IF" a person seeks to mate and have no children, keeping track of the time of month allows this to happen with out killing a child. There is a simple method of beads, you move a ring to a bead that is marked with your period, then the beads tells you what days that month you can mate with out having a child. Naturally this is against Nature and the Male pays the largest cost. Mating for pleasure is what all the warnings of the Bible is all about.

I believe you can have children 200 years from now, but ONLY if you obeyed Nature perfectly and no one is going to do that.

Stopping what you were doing to make your skin erupt will be enough for now. "IF" you want these drugs removed completely, do a few liver flushes and eat live foods.

You are very smart to be aware that your body does not like being poisoned, most women are so poisoned by age 24 that they are having abortions and gallbladder surgeries and worse.

Many Blesings,

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