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Hey bud, don't give up hope!! by GodSeeker30 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   2/21/2012 6:35:42 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi there bud,
Godseeker30 here. Hey man, don't give up hope!! I know it's difficult, but just remember, for every start to a condition, there has to be an end!! I believe that and no, I don't believe, that God has put this into your life, to make you miserable, God doesn't work like that bud lol. Regarding, what your challenged with and facing, I would say, if anything, not to give up!! There have been times, I wanted to end it like you, but i choose life!! I've been dealing with a malodour body odour myself for 6 yrs, however, I'm choosing to get out of my room, get back out into the world and fight this, even if people don't understand me, or see me as the same as them!! I understand your pain bud, because I've been there, but believe me, ending it all, isn't going to solve anything, because you will have left behind, people who care about you, such as your family, any friends you have and especially those whom you have encouraged or helped in your life, either during the bo issues, or before it happened :) I'm saying this, to encourage to rethink your option and not give up hope!! There is a cure out there, we just have to really really look for it, and yes, it can be excruitating, but we are the strongest group of individuals, that I know of and we are alot stronger as a community of people then others, who are in inconsiderate and ignorant!! I'm here for ya, if ya need me bro, so please don't give into this despair, for it's a path, that never leads to anything good, trust me on this!! Okay bud, just an idea, but when you are feeling down, listen to some music, that you find helps soothe the pain, something peaceful and relaxing :) It has helped me, along with praying and asking God to give me strength, through a difficult couple of years!! Okay bud, hang in there and know that we have your back as a community of people:D

God bless,
Ryan Annunziello

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