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Re: brain fog that appeared to correlate with UTI but now will not go away by indigoaura ..... Brain Fog Forum

Date:   4/7/2012 4:40:34 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I've done h2o2 35% AND mms. Neither helped me, in fact made me sick as a dog. I now know it's because I am extremely deficient in minerals due to mercury poisoning from decaying amalgams. These 2 things will work on pathogens, but you won't be able to handle it if your immune system is in a weakened state. That's why it actually IS a miracle cure for some and a horrific experience for others. If you were healthy and just contracted a pathogen, then you should be to go with either of these. If you're chronically ill due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, gut imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, candida, I would be leery of this.

Antibiotics commonly causes candida overgrowth in your gut. You may want to check that out if the brain fog won't go away. 50 years ago they gave Lugol's solution Iodine (has to be 10% potassium Iodide and 5% iodine, weaker stuff won't work). And you also need to cut out the sugar/alcohol/bread if that's in your diet until it's under control. I find Lugol's Iodine invaluable for clearing up my head due to sluggish thyroid and giving energy for burnt out adrenals. I'm stockpiling this stuff. I feel like iron man! :-)

For relief of the UTI, just take 2000 - 5000 mg vitamin C, especially before bed. It is a bacterial infection and the acid in the C will destroy it in your urinary tract.

My mom kept having them every few weeks for months on end, and kept taking tons of Antibiotics before she would listen to me and just take some C for crying out loud. And she was drinking all that sugary cranberry juice cocktail like her doc told her - the Sugar just feeds the infection (if not also the candida)! The stupid crap that doctors say, God bless their little hearts.

However if you JUICE RAW cranberries and drink that with your vit C the UTI will literally be gone in an hour. Poof. Magic without a prescription for under 5 bucks. Your insurance company thanks me.

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