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Re: Where to find a cutler literate doctor? by joegrane ..... Chelation: Andy Cutler Protocol Forum

Date:   5/17/2012 5:25:45 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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"i'll tell you a weird story. back when i was into the cutler scene i tried like hell to get a doctor to just prescribe dmps."

== Yes, many folks have similar stories. This is a recent experience from a member of the yahoo cutler group who lives in the UK.

== A close female friend also had a very good experience in the early months on low, frequent oral chelation.
Her progress is being documented in this discussion including her recent setback after accidentally using ALA inappropriately.

"i knew it would be a problem so i even pre-screened them on the phone making them assure me they would write me an rx for it before i went in to see them/pay them."

== Oh, I hope this is not in our future. My friend and I just had a phone interview with a new doctor this morning!!! We are fortunate that a Cutler-approved doctor lives in the next county but she is hoping to use a local semi-natural doctor that she found on the site of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

== I also found my current doctor through that site. I typed up a proposed chelation protocol based on Cutler's and submitted it to my doctor. (cf TK's General Suggestions in the Files section of the yahoo frequent dose chelation group) I think this takes some of the risk away from the doctor to get it in writing and will likely make the doctor feel more comfortable in working with you.

== Remember, those of us who have a heavy metal problem usually have some psychiatric oddities or full blown illness. This will understandably make doctors less trustful of us. We have to help them to help us.

"ultimately i couldn't handle the full cutler protocol but the dmps confirmed for me that i had a serious mercury problem. i went the sauna route instead of chelation but what an ordeal just to get that prescription."

== Why not present your current situation to members of the larger yahoo FDC group along with a link to your hair test or other test results? Members might have had some experiences like yours and could provide some leads for you and your doctor to consider. Cutler stops by on rare occasions to provide tips.
Many have their hair test posted here along with 600+ others.

== Cutler clearly does not think sauna has a significant effect on inorganic Hg in the brain. Why leave the Hg in your brain which will likely increase your odds for Alzheimers and other nasty diseases? This is a long and powerful presentation by Boyd Haley, former chair of the chem dept at the U of KY on this subject.

Video from U of Calgary of neuron cell membrane damage esp @ 2 min.

== Joe

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