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Re: Trying to make sense of what healing/”cure” claims have in common (Long post) by danielxmiller ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   6/8/2012 4:18:02 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I'm sorry to jump in on another post on this forum, I try to not say my mind as I have an entire site dedicated to what I think about...but...

How can you say that the leave it alone treatment is the one treatment that has been tried for longer periods of time? I think that is the most false statement I've ever read to be just completely honest....leaving them alone is the least amount of time ever given to any treatment ever on this forum, and is the least tried treatment of all.

I tried all of these other treatments on here, for YEARS, not months. I used aquaphore for God knows how long, as well as a combination of anything else anyone would recommed, and I used them and used them and used them...I never gave up using them. And I can see on this forum just like the originial poster, that less than 10 people have been TRULY cured out of the 17,000+ posts in this forum alone. I'm sorry, but that just doesn't sound like a disease to me. That sounds like every single person is doing the same thing and trying treatments for years, and none of them work.

Like the orignial poster said, less than 5 have tried the leave it alone approach, with maybe one or two to show pictures or something. These people however weren't cured in a "couple weeks" or some other quick magical cure, these people ALL were dedicated, and left them alone for MONTHS and MONTHS, some years.

The one SINGLE thing that every person on this forum continues to do, who every SINGLE person continues to have peelings lips is simply this: PEELS THEIR LIPS. I don't believe in diseases that can't be cured, the body is built to heal itself and it is continually doing so. You can't sit there and tell me it's some incurable disease that ONLY affects your lips. These people would show other symptoms in their immune system, their gastrointestinal tracts, their urinary tracts, their bowel movement, there would be some other indiaction, not simply that their lips peel. The lips are just a mucous membrane, like the inside of the nose, under the eyelids, and in the sexua| parts. You don't see those peeling, if you had a disease it would affect more than one little part of your body.

I hope I'm not sounding rude, I'm just putting it bluntly here, sure some people WILL have diseases inside them AND peeling lips that's not to question. However for this to be a disease it has to be accompanied BY EVERY PERSON who has the diease. I do not have a single thing wrong inside me, I have perfect bowel movements, my urinary tract is perfectly fine, I digest my food perfectly well, and I never ever get sick. I eat healty, and I get good excercise. However I still have peeling lips.

My goal is to prove to you all that the body DOES know how to heal itself, and until you stop getting in the way and let it actually heal itself, it will never be able to. There is no such thing as a permanent disease. Eat healthy, clean your body, stop eating those horrible foods, get out of your seat and do some yoga or go for a run, and leave your lips alone, just like you leave every other part of your body alone.

I promise you you won't have to live with this forever.

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