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I'm finding it hard too keep going with this malodour fbo!! by GodSeeker30 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   6/20/2012 11:36:11 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi guys,
Godseeker30 here. Hey all, I am really just finding it hard too keep going guys!! I'm not finding it an easy go, with dealing with this fecal body odour issue for so many years!! I have tried too, simply ignore the comments, the looks, the coughing non stop, when I'm in close proximity around people, but no matter, how much I try too ignore it, this problem still stings, when you hear comments, like: "it smells like poop in here, etc, etc!" I'm so baffled at this problem and don't know, how too deal with it anymore!!! I've left it in God's hands, for Him too heal me of this horrible condition, however, I'm still stuck with it, even after years of dealing with this!!! I'm tired of not having my life back and things, not going back too normal!!! I desperately want, for my body to be free of this fecal body odour!! I cannot count, the number of times, I've called out too God, asking Him, to deliver me of this malodour problem, yet, I still have too face dealing with this condition day after day!!! When does this problem end???? When will I get better and does God, really want me too get better, because if so, why then, am I still having too live with this problem??? What is He trying too show me, or teach me?? If it's patience, I've already learned it, by dealing with this problem daily, if it's not patience, I've learned too rely on God daily and call upoun Him for help, when I have to go too work! So, if it's not patience or learning too rely on God as my source of strength, then what the heck, is God trying too teach me???? I just want this problem over and done with!!! I cannot sleep well anymore because of this and my body, no longer, knows what it's like too be at peace, because this problem affects my confidence, which in turn affects my body's ability too relax!!! I need some help and need some words of encouragement, through this frustrating, painful time!!! Thanks. Take care and may God bless everyone of you, as you continue too seek out His best for your lives:D

In Christ,

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