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Fantastic News Today! by kimber27 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   2/20/2006 4:04:06 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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For everyone that has been helping me w/ these difficult last few months I wanted to update you on what's going on.

I had a meeting this morning w/ my grandsons medical team & he is now cancer free. The leukemia was gone from his spinal fluid in December but still present in his bone marrow until last week. No more cancer cells were found in the last biopsy. YEAH! THANK YOU GOD! Now they will still be poisoning him w/ 2 more rounds of chemo. He looks so pitiful, pale, weak, dark circles around his eyes & hair is gone, he currently has another hospital infection, his 3rd one so far & with his little body being so compromised he's having a hard time fighting it off. He is on 2 antibiotics & now morphine. I asked the doctor today point blank WHY he is not on a diet that helps to combat cancer but she said they have NO medical evidence to support that any diet helps one way or the other & if they did he would be on it. I said of course you don't you don't study nutrition but she informed they do - 1st I ever heard of that but I personally don't believe her & I also asked her if -scientifically - cancer cells could survive & grow in an alkaline body & she said they can in an alkaline test tube but she couldn't inject cancer cells into a healthy person to SEE if they can - of course I am sure you can see the sarcasm there as I did. I wanted so badly to say well if people cured themselves of cancer by natures way you'd be out of a job - mrs. oncology professor! I guess I was clinching my jaw extremely hard b/c whenI left my jaw was aching so badly & it gave me a horrible headache. I will have to watch myself on that from now on.

Thanks to all for all the prayers & kind words. Please keep remembering him in your prayers as I was told also today that within 5 years 1 out of 4 children have the cancer come back. Now this whole ordeal has changed the way my daughter feels about her relationship w/ his dad & I hope & pray she stands strong in staying away from the maniac. She seems to be showing much interest in the nutritional stand point of beating this disease & even said the other day the old ways are the best ways. Of course she witnessed first hand his cell counts rapid growth when juicing oj & the garlic on his feet stopped his cough over night. Thanks again everyone!!!!


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