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Post for Daniel by dpp ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   9/3/2012 2:31:43 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Just watching your video post.
You have got to keep going with what you are doing. There is obvious noticeable improvement to the outsides of the lips.
But you will also have to realise that this condition will take a long duration to fix.. The reason I say this is that I would have a less advanced version of what you have where there are no real crusts on the outer lip, rather thin layers of skin which become plastic like then begin to peel/flake off. I am lucky that I discovered Curezone in 2004 or 2005 and saw examples of how bad the condition can be. I had originally posted 7 years ago http:// . I had tried everything and looking back i am a changed person now because of this. less confident, outspoken, or energetic. More depressed. But great hope for what I will be without the condition.
I stopped using anything on my lips altogether about 2 months ago and I am seeing improvements. Especially the top triangle on the upper lip builds up over the duration of a week and then will progressively flake off 7 days, the 8 days.. the time is extending. and each time the skin is softer for longer under. Without the balm, the lips have to regain their actual strength thick was lost by years of moist balm and peeling. The bottom lip is becoming less everted and my face is beginning to look more normal without the prevalence of the large lip. Each time the lips do become hard over the duration of a 7 or 8 day cycle, I no longer feel the need to obsess about the hard dead attached skin, because that is not only there to protect the skin under, it is also structural, holding and drawing the lip together.
The lips have probably also lost their need to develop melanin for uv protection due to the continual wearing of 30+ balm for 8 years.
Also worth reading about and following all the various links throughout is programmed cell death http://en. on Wikipedia and apoptosis http://en.
That might give you some other ideas also.
I also donít know if this condition has something to do with winter and being in air-conditioned office. My condition is always worse in winter and seems to be bad on Tuesday and Wednesday.. I am in an office 5 days a week mon to fri. Or is it because of drinks of a weekend. I donít know.

To address your inside lip issue. This is the main problem I seem to have and I think it is the main cause of the entire situation. You have probably been more numb to the problem with excessive growth covering that area. Now that it may be improving, you are having less skin coverage which leads to that area being more tender, also less elasticity causing the cracking and bleeding. For me i notice that when I am involved in any activity or duration where i talk, drink, lick and use my lips, this layer obviously gets eroded and 3 or 4 days on, the outer skin seems to die, become plastic like, then a day or 2 later begin to peel or flake (depending on how badly i initially damaged the inside (lip touching area)). It seems that once you sever that layer where they touch, then the adjoining skin which continues outward begins to die so that all layers from inside to outside are consistent..

Since stopping all products on the lips, the insides were initially very sticky and damaged. so there was a period of bad inflammation and peeling. Now they seem to be not as sticky and the insides are less red, and more smooth from inside to outside with increasingly thinning layers of skin to even small flaking. (the problem with the condition is that the areas of our lips are scaling where all cells join together and come off as one. what we want is for them to begin flaking in smaller and smaller sections.)

If I know I am going to subject my lips to greater than normal stress (when i run, cycle or any outdoor activities, or social situations) and to aid the healing of the touching section of the lips I will sometimes apply a very thin layer of pure zinc cream, 30= zinc from the chemist - white or tan. both are fantastic - you can tell people youíve been outside exercising or at the beach if they ask. They do not moisturise, rather they form a later over the venerable layer of skin and stop the stickiness(damage). I also find a layer of the white gunk will build up, with or without the zinc and it is important to leave this alone as it is the lips method of minimising the sticking. When i would remove this every time I drank and looked in the mirror my problem was always worse. Try the zinc just on the inflamed red section along your lips and see what you think. If you read up about zinc - it is great for skin healing and health.
At night when going to bed, I sometimes also use a section of glad wrap, just a small section that i put on the lower lip where they meet. That way the lips donít stick at all and have a whole 7 - 10 hrs of uninterrupted healing.


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