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Re: So is this just a wound? by nietzscheilitis ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   9/21/2012 12:45:00 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I'm in the US as well. CVS and Walgreens doesn't carry this brand, but if you live by a Meijers you can buy it there. And there's always Amazon, of course.

Sorry, I made a mistake on last comment, specifically this part: "I licked my lips and applied the lip balm everytime I notice my lips were particularly dry." I did this after the first 2-3 weeks of this treatment, because by then my peeling cycle was gone. But during the first week of this treatment, however, I was *constantly* keeping it moisturized (except when I was sleeping); The moment I notice that my lips begin to become dry at all, I would lick my lips and apply cocoa butter.

I had the white layer of skin/scab, too. Specifically, my cycle would start with tiny white flakes covering my lips, which turned into thick big flakes. Then it would begin to scab and form a layer, and I would manually remove it (or it would crust if I left it alone). After this, my lips would look okay for about a day, untill the cycle started all over again.

When I started this treatment, I notice the lip balm taking the dead skin off as well. I think this is good thing. I was also wiping the white gunk off my lips after I showered, or when it would begin to scab. I think the key to this method is to get your lips to the state where it doesn't have any flakes at all, and it just looks normal, and then constantly moisturize it. I think I moisterized so often that there wasn't any chance that the flakes grew back.

Now, this treatment was years ago and I'm not exactly sure on the time frame, but I believe I was fully healed/cured after 3 weeks. I didn't have any white build up, scabbing or tiny flakes by then. After a month, I let my lips get chapped a little bit to see what would happen, and it would only be the "normal" kind of chapping that I had before getting chielitis i.e. it was just dry with the few dead skin here and there. But the cycle of tiny flakes/scabbing never appeared again.

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