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Hey Skystar7 by GodSeeker30 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   9/25/2012 10:45:12 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hey Skystar7,
Godseeker30 here. I am okay. Ummm, well first off, I wanted too congratulate you, on your success:D I am very happy for you:) I know that, when I tried the Low Fodmap Diet, that it did help eliminate my IBS from a 10 being the worst down too a 3, by sticking too this diet for 2 weeks. Currently, just too update you and everyone here on the Curezone forum, I found that, even while taking Betaine HCL and Super Digestive Enzymes 15 mins before every meal, that it helped hugely with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it did nothing for my fecal body odour condition, which I found too be quite frustrating!!! So, in essense, I somewhat found a cure for IBS in a way, but for finding a cure for fecal body odour, I'm still on a mission too get that solved, if I can!!! Currenly, umm, in the past week, I have not been able too purchase any Betaine HCL or Super Digestive Enzymes, so unfortunately, my IBS is acting up again, along with, having too deal with the stresses of this fbo problem daily!!! It's my hope and prayer, that God leads me too find a cure for this horrible malodour condition, so that someday, I can be cured completely and share my success with everyone:) That is my hope and prayer for the time being:) Anyways, I'm doing okay, just had a bad day today with this issue and like everyone, just want too get some answers and some positive results from this, which I haven't, but I am remaining hopeful and trusting God, that He will show me a way outta this eventually. I have been doing some researching on this problem and came across something, called Okra Pepsin E3, which as I was researching it out, is some type of bowel cleanser, which I found too be interesting:) So, my next step in trying too defeat this fbo demon, is too try this product out on a trial basis on myself, too see if there is anything, in this product, that will help too reduce these fbo symptoms!! I will keep you guys updated on this, when I know for sure, I can get this product and try it out for myself and will give you the feedback on it, when I have the money, too get this:) Anyways, I hope everyone's okay and is hanging in there:D I know this is very hard too live with and isn't easy too deal with, but I encourage everyone, too remember the good things in life and too be thankful, for what they have in their lives, that can keep them positive and upbeat:D Take care all and God bless.


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