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Naturopath MD nothing gained by Gibblets ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/4/2012 1:56:31 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I know alot of people mention seeing a naturopath for help but I was wondering what help others have actually gotten, basically I have reached the last straw im going to get ready to go on a pretty much strict vegan diet because i have gotten no where and this is affecting my job its now starting spring but its already super hot here in aus and i cant take labor doing this without much energy anyway

For first couple of visits i had acupunture and was given
- lipogen' tablets which aid digestion main ingrediants (barberry) (bupleurum root dry) , choline, inositol, taurine , methionine, b6 , folic acid and b12

Crotico b5 b6 , vitamians b5 b6 c magnesium oxide to assist in general well being (calcium pantothenate , ascorbic acid, citrus bioflavonoids extratcs

Now during this time i had my last doctors appointment , i started the naturopath because i was fed up with getting no help with doctors and being given Antibiotics and creams and i eventually just go worse then my condition was orginally

Now i ordered a blood test and the only thing that came up was that my b12 levels were apparently too high according to the doctor.. which will be from the tablets from my naturopath.. i continue taking them i stopped for a month but had no effect to help me for some apparent b12 side effects (too much)

Now back to naturopath treatment i was getting general accupunture maybe 4 times, i was also given dropper vial to take twice a day of mixed herbs to fight candida apparently .. but i cannot read her scribbled handrwriting the only thing i can make out / guess of the ingrediants are thyme chives ? dandelion :S ? maybe,

Now my last appointment 2 days ago I was hooked up to some machine for an hour which may be a zapper I dont know, basically i was topless lieing on my back with a wet blanket on my stomach and then two cords on that and another wet blanket on top of that then a sheet of plastic over the area..
Now I have another treatment next week and she says it should kill the candida.. i have been tested with a blood test strip which apparently has one in stupid unlikely amount of testing wrongly.. I know i have candida but basically this is my experience with a naturopath and i am getting no where, i have reached the end of the line with professionals to me it seems and my only hope now seems to be going nearly raw vegan appart from eggs which i will need because i work 48 hours a week of labor, nothing heavy
but i need my energy and most importantly my attention span because any parts that arnt accoutned for ruin an entire week and is extremely stressful..
I am having a bean salad which is very helpful i have 2 green teas a day, appart from that my dinner will be something vegetarian or just straight protein meat i will just cut out carbs entirely, i have tried with carbs and have gotten no where this is the last straw .. i will report back with a better diet plan and report back if i progess and heal this thing, this will be one of my last posts until i get better all the best


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