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Date:   10/16/2012 12:32:54 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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By the way, I watched a PBS program a couple of weeks ago and learned that the common apple is a fruit that if you grow it from seed you don't get the same apple as the one on the tree that produced it.  That's why up until about the mid 19th Century almost all apples were turned into hard cider because they were all sour.  Then someone finally found some sweet apples and reproduced them by grafting their branches onto standard apple stock and that's how we have all the sweet apples we have today.  Delicious (both green and red), gravenstein, rome, are all very modern varieties that weren't even available to the folks who were here in 1776.  The squash and pumpkins that you buy everyday in the grocery store are nowhere to be found in nature.  Almost everything that you buy in the grocery store in it's "natural" state has been hybridized or maybe even genetically modified.  Soybeans and corn have been - with 90% of the soybeans having been genetically modified.  Soybean products are in almost everything you eat that isn't straight from the source.  Also many years ago I worked in wheat harvest and wheat has been hybridized so much that at that time we couldn't use the same seed variety for more than three or four years before it would come down with disease that made it unharvestable and we would have to go to the local experimental station for the latest variety that was disease free.  That time before it self destructs is now extended to eight years.

Almost all of the food we ingest bears little resemblance to what it was 2,000 years ago let alone 10,000 years ago and very few people are aware of it.


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