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Re: Missing success stories and missing success in general by patientadvocate ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   10/17/2012 4:13:33 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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0 of 0 (0%) readers agree with this message.  Hide votes     What is this? know...even if someone chimes in and says they successfully put cancer into remission...being that the format is anonamous...those look like testimonials to promote someone elses products.

I know for a fact that many of these treatments fail because people have a fragmented understanding and therefore fragmented approach. Even when things are done right, stuff can happen...infection, falls, etc.

Here is one case history and please chime in on this one.

One of our clients Ed Bohse from Ohio was doing was the kitchen sink...his massive tumor attached to his intestine remained stable and did not spread anywhere, not even to nearby tissues and lymphs.

Well for large adencarcinoma that is not what happens, it usually always grows. His CEA marker tracked lower but no sign of active die off....most people would say....all these threapies arent working and quit, unless someone points out that stable cancer is a response albeit not the response we all hoped for...then Edward added DCA to his protocol...again layering in additional products and not bouncing around. His tumor died off so quickly that it tore lose from his intestine, created a stool leakage.

Some chemo oncologist saw him in the hospital because this developement created fever and severe pain and vomitting...his tumor shrunk 50 percent in just one week...we told him to get that tumor out now that it was dying and shrank....instead the oncologist blew smoke up his ass...and upon first dose got very sick...he canceled his surgery with a reputable surgeon at Cleveland Clinic.

Well...nobody in this team of practitioners ordered him an anti biotic...E.R. Hospital Doctor, nor oncologist put him on any Antibiotics ....while leaking stool this is a huge mistake...eventually he became septic after chemo destroyed his immune system...the infection spread quickly to his heart valve and he dropped dead after two years of being under our observation...right there in his yard...they determined he had a heart attack...Edward left behind an awesome wife...he was young and in his forty's.

So...anyone can chime in on this example....was natural medicine a success or a failure. Did the natural therapies kill him, did cancer kill him, or did modern medicine kill him? Was all of this a waiste of time and money? Those are questions that I myself find hard to answer.



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