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The cause for this problem in my case by andrexr3 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   10/24/2012 9:02:29 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I never thought seriously about the candida possibility...

About 3 months ago I did the spit test and didn't saw much thing...A few days ago I did the spit test again and nothing happened, I started to take B vitamins...

The friend lipshitz is helping me a lot! I'm really happy with that! He sent me a message, looks like he knew my life...

Yesterday at night I ate some lactobacillus(thinking it might help) and some Sugar stuff, Bad Idea! Today I woke up and my mouth was different, I fell like I got some difficult to swallow too, I made the spit test and... Yes, new problem, that's explain all my diseases, this shit grows like cotton in the botton of the cup really fast

I found that:

"The short answer is that the supplements an vitamins feed the yeast and the lactobacillus helps the yeast grow. The supplements help the yeast be more active, making the overall patientís condition worse"

I think I have had this all along! And it's bothering me for at least the last 6 years!

Holy Sh*t!

I saw some comments of guys that believe they have EC after taking loads of supplements!

That's when licking become the cause! Licking is a way to spread the candida that's inside the mouth to the lips

So... This is for everyone who have a white tonge,(I don't have any pain cleaning or any sign of candida inside my mouth, in fact about 5 or 6 doctors saw my mouth, they said, don't worry, that's 100% OK), and other heathy problems like urge to urinate several times a day, fatigue or anything, other skin or any healthy problems... the possibility of have this exist, take care of that and be 100% sure you don't have this!

To do the spit test get a empty cup, and spit most saliva you can from off all areas of your mouth(only the mouth, not the nose) and especially the tongue, this have to be the saliva that is in your mouth when you wake up! Fill the cup just to the half with water and wait about 20 mintes

I always think that using these ointments and all that stuff do not help me like it have to, because the problem is further down

Thanks for everyone!

A New Life Begins!


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