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Re: I know this question is wrong and horrible! But could you please just not be judgemental an rude an just answer this question plz. by #136970 ..... Confessions & Regrets Forum

Date:   11/22/2012 12:02:19 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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This is my take on your situation.

If you do nothing it is apparent that you will either end up permanently in a psychiatric hospital or you will kill yourself.  You are on fire on the inside and you currently have no way to let go/forgive yourself for what has happened.  Yes, what you did was wrong but your current approach will kill you for sure.

What I would do if I were in your position would be first, see a lawyer and ask for advice.  Let him/her know that you want to end what you've been doing and that you want psychological help and want to settle this matter regardless of the 'legal' price that you have to pay.  I'm not sure if a lawyer has to report what you have done to authorities but I do know that a counselor or psychologist/psychiatrist does.  A lawyer can let you know about that and each state has different laws in that regard.

Again - see a lawyer first, counseling second and open up and face the consequences.  If you are without funds there are still avenues available to you for both of those things for indigent people.

Now what you have done is indeed serious but don't kill yourself over it.  The "good" news in what you have written is that you recognize that what you have done is wrong and you wish to correct it.  That's a plus.  There are many out there in this world who would just continue the abuse and hide and bury it.  Yes, you're going to face family shame and possibly even incarceration but you have to face what you have done.  If you don't the consequences you are placing on yourself is worse than what will happen with family and courts.


I'm a guy who was sexually abused by family members as a child and they have never owned or asked for forgiveness for what they did.  Yet ultimately I have had to face that abuse and forgive them.  It's not easy, it's a journey, but the path has been one humongous healing for me and other can and have done it too.  Forgiving my abusers is my responsibility not theirs.  Look at this as an opportunity to heal yourself.


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