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Meditation alone can (and has)cure it.... by #136970 ..... Schizophrenia & Schizoaffecive Disorder

Date:   11/30/2012 7:19:37 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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"People with schizophrenia have peculiar nutritional profiles Schizophrenia may be caused by genetic predisposing factors or environmental influences. Nutritional methods described herein are guided by the principles of evidence-based-medicine......"

You can cure schizophrenia with meditation alone.  More and more studies are finding that there are healthy benefits to meditation, even if only practiced for a few weeks.  Here's the story of a woman who was schizophrenic, suicidal, locked in a mental institution for several months as a teen and fed the usual antipsychotic medications by the handful who cured her condition completely with meditation alone - nothing else.  Quit all meds and is completely well, again - from meditation.  It's a really amazing story.

Book Description

Publication Date: November 15, 2010
Kicked out of her home at the age of fourteen, Jane Alexander soon experienced her first breakdown and suicide attempt. The author found herself inpatient at a psychiatric hospital where she was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder: a combination of manic depression and schizophrenia. Jane was subsequently institutionalized and made a ward of the State and she went on to live in group homes, state-run residential facilities and foster families until she turned eighteen. As an adult, Jane battled raging mood swings, destructive inner voices, PTSD flashbacks, and deep depressions. These episodes, coupled with her anti-social behaviors, led to recurring bouts of joblessness and homelessness. Then, during her last suicide attempt, Jane had an amazing, profoundly spiritual near-death experience which inspired her to radically change her life. 'Possessing Me' is a compelling memoir of mental health recovery. Alexander takes us through the insightful process of how her mental illnesses began, progressed, and were ultimately reversed. She describes in exacting detail, her eventual path to healing from childhood neglect and abandonment, post traumatic stress disorder and manic depression, as she discovers the secret to lasting happiness.


Here's a web site where she tells much of her story in her own words and yes she was diagnosed as having "genetic" mental illness.  (There is more to the story at the web site.)

I am a 33 year old recovered survivor of 20 years of mental illness. This is what happened, and how I survived.

Like many of us with mental illness, it all started as I was growing up.

After years of child abuse and psycho emotional family histrionics I was depressed.

During the summer of 1989 at the age of 14 I tried to kill myself for the first time of eventually six major suicide attempts. Soon after I also experienced the first of several psychiatric hospitalizations. There in that place, I was diagnosed with terminal mental illness, 3 weeks after inpatient admission.

During my stay there, an experience which lasted over 70 days I was tested, examined, interviewed and therapied for weeks before a consensus diagnosis was rendered. The hereditary seeds of mental illness had sprouted early in me. I was told I had inherited an unknown chemical imbalance that in some way profoundly effected my thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The diagnoses? Dual Axis 1 diagnosis: Manic Depression, or Bipolar Disorder 1 Schizoid Affective Disorder co morbid with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

After 8 years of clinical psychotherapy, 3 psychiatric hospitalizations, 4 years spent in residential treatment centers, group homes, mental health lock downs and 6 months of involuntary medications of perphenazine and lithium carbonate I remained absolutely and completely lost. Modern psychiatry had completely failed to help me heal from suicidal depression or any of my problems at all. In fact, the violation and mistreatment I experienced while in the juvenile mental health system only made me worse in every way.

Having experienced utter failure with the meds and therapy approach, I gave myself over to alternative healing. Along my path I have tried to keep an open mind in the interest of healing myself of mental illness permanently. As such, the following are just a sample of things I have undertaken in order to understand their effects on the mind body and emotions.

I have tried self medication, crystal healing, Saint Johnís Wort, veganism, shamanistic purification rituals, flower essences and oils, vitamins and supplements of all kinds, toning, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, praying, chanting, music and sound therapy, touch therapy, reiki, toxin cleansings/flushings, teas, magnets, gems and precious stones, tantra, affirmations and daily quotes, positive thinking, deep tissue body work and movement therapies, ( Rolfing, Feldenkrais and Alexander ) chiropractics, in short, I tried everything.

Over the course of a 10 year journey down a path of spiritual, physical and mental healing. I personally explored, researched and experienced a wide variety of holistic remedies and alternative therapies in a desperate attempt to find my mind, myself and my body. I ran into false avenues of recovery along this path as well.

Many of those things seemed beneficial some times. Several of those therapies gave me very positive effects. Some of those therapies did absolutely nothing for me. None of them completely healed me of all my mental health problems....


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