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Re: Parathyroid disease with normal calcium levels by GinaPatin ..... Parathyroid Gland Forum

Date:   1/9/2013 9:13:43 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I am glad to know I am not the only one with high pth/no high blood calcium. I have been to so many endocronologist. All of them dismissed me and all my symptoms. They told me since my blood calcium was high  only once that my symptoms are not related to pth. I do have osteopenia. I am due for a bone scan this month. I totally put this high pth on the back burner since the doctors were of no help. This all started in '08 when blood work showed I had over 10.0  blood calcium. They did a pth test and pth levels have been fluctuating  high since I found out. I have almost all symptoms of pth disease. Lately my symptoms are so bothersome to me that  I was searching for answers and came across this blessed website. Other than your osteoporosis, do any of y'all suffer with other symptoms and, if yes, could you share them with me.   I am trying so hard to fake it, just to make it cause I have 3 young kids and I totally don't feel all there. I would appreciate any information that could shed some light on this complex issue. One more thing to add, I have extremely high calcium in my urine , over 2x the normal amount, also kidney stones that come and go. And still the doctors have absolutlely no suggestions. They sure can't remove an adenoma if they can't find it on the scan. I heard that the scan is only as good as the equipment and the technician. I've also read that the adenoma could even be around the chest.  Thanks 










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