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Re: Evolving Bromhidrosis? by badluck beauty ..... Underarm Odor Forum

Date:   1/17/2013 9:34:34 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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It started when I was a baby from what my parents tell me...
No never had a day odor free. For years I couldn't smell what others where talking about...I started smelling it myself 2 yrs ago after gargling with Sea Salt and hydrogen peroxide. A lot of white mucous started coming out. After a few weeks I could smell everything for the first time ever.. I mean I could never smell food or perfume or normal everyday things... My odor is strong my own eyes water and my nose burns constantly... I finished college only by being in anti depressants. I thought I had a bf for 2 yrs until I found out his plan was to use me.... This has left me extremely depressed... I'm a really pretty woman btw.... SMH.

I've always been small I weigh 110 now...

Things I've tried:

Dieting (made me go from 120 to 100 lbs) only eating fruit veggies rice an oatmeal(all organic)
green veggie juicing
Ozone water
supplements: Calcium magnisium/charcoal/Vitamin B complex/Papa enzhyme/Enzhyme Complex/GSE/ Antibiotics /chorophyll/
Colonic w/ Ozone
Apple Cidar Vinager
tonsils removed

(General Statement to Everyone on here)I know everyone on here has problems, but please don't respond to this saying i'm being negative. If i wasn't trying it would be one thing, but to not have anyone in your corner is completely different story.

I have no one in my life who understands this... My mom is always angry and makes worse comments then people on the street. She really wants me to move out...Everyone on my family makes indirect comments or insults me behind my back... I barely leave the house because I can't take it anymore.....
To those of you who have family that doesn't smell this problem your blessed!
I can't even say I have family because I'm literally the outcast... my own mother calls me nasty and is so embarrassed by me.

To those who do respond and understand where I'm coming from thanks in advance.... i've spent nights sleeping in my car from getting kicked out because of this.... My family seen the special on tv about tmau, and i've told them about and showed them youtube videos. They still don't care.... I've been to 2 therapists because of this they say it's all in my head lol while there eyes are watering and burning smh.... Insulting my intelligence...

I can't live at home forever and I can't find a job either.... I've had jobs before but these last 2 yrs I keep getting fired because of this...

At this point I'm really at a lost for words on my life because I'm running out of time.... and YES I pray to God and read the bible...


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