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Re: Tired of living like this by #46136 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   2/2/2013 5:49:05 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hey corncob,

I'm sorry to read about your suffering. I know it seems belittling advice but you need to get some tests done.

You are too young to have your body going 'wrong' on you in this way.

Whatever you do - if you mention anxiety to a doctor you will be given benzo's or SSRI's. He'll assume, as you have that you have 'social anxiety'- whereas that's a relatively modern term to label people with that actually doesn't help anyone - aswell as anxiety being a symptoms of MANY physiological symptoms.
Those drugs seriously interfere with your brain chemistry and neurotransmitters aswell as severely tax your liver detoxing abilities...possibly making all of these symptoms you're experiencing a lot worse.

Often i have read of such medications for anxiety and Depression creating MORE anxiety and depression.

You need to tell a doc what your PHYSICAL symptoms are, the breathing difficulties, excessive sweating and odour, bowel problems.

Really you should get a fully comprehensive blood test - including liver function and blood count. The results should reveal some clue.

If you are unable to get a doctor to listen/test you try:

Diet approach: No soda's/junk food, no breads, wheat, no fried foods, no alcohol, caffeine, milk. No dairy.

Consume just Good lean meat/oily fish, ALL vegetables - steam cooked or made into salads, apples, grapes,berries, some nuts, avocados, brown rice. Keep it simple. Allow your body to detox. Drink 60oz of water per day.

supplements: Take Vit A, E / 3Grams vit C / B vitamin complex / zinc 25-50mg / Omega 3 and 6 oils / selenium / Vit D 1000iu/ B12 2000-5000mcg (let melt under the tongue for better absorbtion, dont swallow)

I'm not assuming you know nothing about diet - just making recommendations as you didn't mention much about your diet.

One thing to consider is hypoglycemia. Low blood Sugar giving you cravings for carbs/flour products/sweets etc. Could be a reason for your weight loss.
Try to look online at hypoglycemia diets. Main point is to eat a small meal every 3 hours - while having a small snack every hour to maintain an EVEN blood Sugar - instead of one spiking up and down.
Foods should NOT be fries or breads, sugary sweets etc...these cause too much of a blood Sugar fluctuation.
When i'm more hypoglycemic i sweat profusely and it smells.

Hypoglycemia can cause anxiety too.

Lots of luck to you.


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