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Re: Body odor problems making live lonely by hadenuff29 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   2/7/2013 2:38:40 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi Affliction,

I'm glad it's not Tmau. You're lucky in that aspect.
Does you mum have digestive issues too? Or ever had any serious illness?

I think you are trying a lot of different things from what you are saying, but you arent sticing ot them for long enough. 2 weeks won't cut it. Sometimes probiotcs will need to be taken for years just to get the balance back in the guts. A mild case of IBS can be fixed quite easily, but it will still sometimes take a good 6 momths. So imagine ours is a lot longer, depending on the time you have been suffering and how bad it has gotten.

Imagine having this bactera/candida and letting it build up for 10 years or more and then expecting it to be cured in a week. IMO it will never happen. It has taken a very long time for our bodies to get like this and takes time to repair.

My odours got siginificantly worse before they got better. Like they got really bad and I can see this is where as lot of people lose faith in the detoxes and quit. You must let your body get worse and lets go of these toxins before your body will start to heal. Please read the book I posted about and at least give it a go. If you are waiting for a quick fix IMO you will be waiting a very long time, as this illness is not caused by one thing, but many. Many parts of the body are affected. It needs to be treated holistically. Please try and find the strength to fight it and give yourslef some good time to get it done.


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