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Re: What Kind of Mold Exposure? by logan2020 ..... Toxic Black Mold Forum

Date:   4/12/2013 9:52:34 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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It sounds like you are suffering from toxic black mold exposure.

I think detailing the car is a bit excessive. I would just drive with all the windows down on the freeway, and let it sit parked in the sunshine for a few days. UV light kill mold spores.

Remember when suffering from toxic black mold exposure, all your senses will be hypersensitive, and even the tiniest amount of dust will make you develop symptoms.

Smoking actually kills the mold in your lungs, but you probably know smoking is bad for other reasons- but I wonder if smokers perhaps smoke because they are exposed to mold in their lungs in the first place?

Also- do you tend to be overweight- have infections frequently and suddenly developed acne? Those could also be signs of toxic mold exposure.

Mold can also make you develop other problems- since they often co-exist with viruses, bacteria, parasites etc.

When I was exposed to toxic mold for just ONE month, I suddenly developed a cold (I never had a cold in 5 years!), fluid retention in my lungs, body aches, skin problems, tinnitus and a yeast infection.

I was given anti-biotics and an anti-fungal. I recovered quickly, but in the first two weeks after I removed myself from the mold environment, any amount of dust would bring on the symptoms again. Once I recovered, my belongings that had been exposed to toxic mold were just fine (computers, books, clothes, bags bedding etc) after cleaning and washing, except for my silk clothes that developed a black mold stain.



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