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Re: parasite hoax and Candida controversy by david1o1 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/17/2013 4:46:34 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I cannot comprehend the idea that parasites get in my blood stream, organs, or tissue...
This is because you have not done enough research. Go read some books and some scientific reports about helminths and you will discover that there are several types of helminths (worms)
Some are big and can be seen with the human eye, some are tiny and can only be seen with a microscope, some live mainly in the small intestine, in the colon, in the rectum, some can live in others organs as in the liver, in the pancreas, in the kidneys, in the bladder, in the lungs, in the sinuses, in the blood, in the lymph, in the brain, in the uterus.

Also, as suggested by Hulda Clark (even if some of her concepts are not coherent and verifiable) the presence of some substances in the human body, for example grease dissolver, may be a cause of chronic infection inside the same human body without requiring the eggs to go outside of the body (the shells are dissolved and the larveas can grow if they are not destroyed)

I can imagine they get in my intestines...but the scope doesnt show anything...
The scope will be able to show the inside of the colon, of the rectum and the inside of the oesophagus and of the stomach, what about the inside of the small intestine ? What about the parasites being able to live in others parts of the body ? What about the others hollow parts of the body ?

Also, if you consider that a doctor asks a patient to use a strong laxative once or twice before doing the colonoscopy, then you can understand that some parasites may either be killed by this strong laxative, or go hide in the small intestine.

I do not want to discount all the people on here whose insights I greatly respect BUT is this parasite thing getting blown out of proportion?
do people really ever find dead worms in their stool? I have done to two p. cleanses to date and my stool always looked normal....
You may not be infected by some parasites because perhaps you have an immune system who has weapons to destroy those parasites.
But you may be succeptible to others parasites.
Each human body is equiped with weapons to destroy some parasites depending on his ancestors and the region he lives in. This is the problem of our society, foreign ethnies, foreign animals, foreign insects, foreign foods come and go when they are not supposed to be in a region, and even if it is ok for most of us, the foreign parasites travel through these mediums and are able to infect people who have no defense against these types of infections.
Now if you have a good body state and a fully functional immune system, you may become immune to some infections, or maybe not and you may end up with a chronic infection.

Also keep in mind that many parasites can't been seen in the feces, they are too small or partly digested.
The best way to see big dead parasites is to do enemas during the days you are taking the herbs/drugs, else you probably will not see a worm shape, but rather digested worms parts which will be brown just like your feces.

And no, the current labs tests (blood, urine, feces, phlegm) are not 100% reliable. I have produced die off after the labs tests i have done came back negative. But the dead worms were in the toilet and in th phlegm.

Another thing to consider : what doctors of modern medicine call a disease is in fact a group of symptoms, these symptoms do not represent the cause of the disease.
Each disease has one or several causes which produce one or several symptoms. A cause can be an accute intoxication, a chronic intoxication, an irritation, an infection, radiation, etc...
Helminths are known to be smart and powerfull creatures (powerull in the sense that they are able to secrete substances and perhaps EMF EMW in order to weaken/manipulate the cells of the immune system.)
Some scientists (and doctors ?) are so lost in their dogma that they are trying to use helminths to infect people with "auto immune diseases" (their term) in order to decrease the damage caused by cells (who are trying to remove/kill something for a good reason...) because the helminths are known to weaken the immune system response/activity.


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