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Re: parasite hoax and Candida controversy by #54319 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/19/2013 2:09:01 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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HI There S

Great questions you raise.

Ive often found parasites in the first water I pass whilst doing an enema. Ive seldom seen them in the stool. When using a powerful parasite formulae that feeds the liver the minerals that it needs to chase out the worms (as opposed to a toxic approach), I have seen them come out in their scores. The herbal formulae drives them out into the colon, where they are not tormented by the blood stream.

parasites are not so much the problem as is the excess waste that we have inside of us that creates the right environment for them to thrive...and consume us at the same time. Common sense tells us that if we are whats for lunch, may not be such a great idea.

Candida too thrives on excess waste. That is natures purpose for fungus. So, clean up the excess waste. There in lies a clue on how to resolve your issue from the foundation up, as opposed to trying to treat the symptoms.

There is much written about it, the medical system virtually denies it, yet it torments many people, men AND women. Thus you are told you dont have parasites.

Clean out the excess waste and the problem goes away.

Candida is a fungus. The role of fungus in nature is also to clean up waste. If there is no excess waste the canidida/fungus will come back into balance.

My break through came when I started using a bowel formulae called the Lower Bowel Formulae, which began to eliminate the accumulated mud and waste that was backing up in the bowel. When this waste was flowing on a daily basis down and out, (not backing up), the 7+ year candida problem went away in 2 weeks.

Bear in mind up to then, I had tried all sorts of diets, potions and remedies. All I did was torment my self. You cant starve the Candida out. You will starve long before it does.

Contrary to popular delusion, fruit is OK wth Candida, and thats what i lived on in those months sorting out my health issues. Dr Doug Graham talk about this extensively.

Taking the parasite Formulae is the only way to know for sure. Within 12-24 hours of taking it, if you get some sort of reaction, or find them fleeing out of the colon into the loo, then you have an idea that you are being used as a walking restaurant for some critters. The herbal formulae I used is called PWA and can be found doing a search for PWA parasite Cleanse. Phenomenal stuff that gets the job done.

Hope the above helps. Bit lnegthy, but hopefully useful.

Good luck!

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