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What is happening? Any idea? by dave505 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   5/18/2013 12:51:27 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Everytime I eat oils and sometimes butter my cheeks are falling instantly like I lose my muscle tone or collagen loss but it happen almost instantly. And sometimes i have also somekind of rhinitis after that. At the beginning it happened when i ateyoughurt cream ice-cream chocolate...but now I don't

Most of the time I eat only cold pressed oils olives and rarely grapeseeds oils. Never encounter this issue with coconut oil.

My presumptions are:
- they are not organic or not genuine (could happen we can't control here the source at all)
- I've read about omega3 omega6 ratio which could be disturbed and influence tissues
- impaired digestion of fats & proteins (but even with enzymes look the same)
- they affect adrenals liver pancreas by not being kosher (but it happen almost instantly )
- some are feeding on this and produce toxins (but it happens even I kept the oils in the mouth as in oil pulling)...and so on...

Even putting it in the salad is the same. I see that sometimes cheeks are falling after high potassium foods but I can't see the link with oils/fats.

Small pathogens until now candida giardia hpilory enterobacter CMV EBV and I presume strep. Exposure to mold and non-scientifically told I've got mucor? Could any of them influence that? ..needless to say the doctors look at me like I'm an alien when telling them this...:)My first guess was giardia or mucor.

If you have any ideas please clueless. thanks


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