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Candida - Some words of advice (more to come) by Maxtoobad ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/21/2013 9:13:09 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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So according to consumer reports, numerous probiotics didn't have the amount of CFU (Colony Forming Units) in their bottles as they said--they only report during manufacturing how many there were. They reported various companies that did maintain the levels they had on their bottles in their lab tests.

Be sure to bookmark the National Institute of Health website, and their database are full of studies on gut health. You can find tons of invaluable information on this site.

When using Google, be sure to fully understand search operators, so you can remove the BS in your web searches.
You can create really nice search operators to remove the scam candida sites and gurus.

Read as much as you can on bacteria. Did you know most probiotics you buy do not colonize in your gut? Only certain strains of bacteria do and the ones you get at the store typically don't. That's not to say don't take them (if you know they are from a company that legitimate) but understand gurus tell you they colonize the gut, they don't--only certain strains do that are not typically found in probiotics in stores. Here is a question--we have thousands of strains of bacteria but only 10 or so strains seem to have the spotlight? Why is that? We have THOUSANDS of bacteria but only a few get recognized? My point here is to question these know-it-all people because I'm beginning to understand most of them run off blind faith. I'm sure none of them own microscopes and have verified these things.

Anyone who charges $30-$60 dollars for a bottle of probiotics is most likely not trying to help you, let me make that clear. If anyone of you are dishing shit tons of money out, do yourself a favor and look at the consumer lab reports done on probiotics; they actually test multiple varieties finding many are BS.

Also, these Candida gurus many of you see on here, or online on various sites--I have yet to witness significant accounts of people with 'systemic' candida that they've healed if any to be honest, but rather only managed. Most of their accounts of success are people who either had thrush or vaginal yeast infections which is localized that they healed. If you, like myself, have the following you'll be to be your own best advocate and you'll need to research like crazy:

1. Twitching muscles every day for 6-7 months
2. Don't feel well after eating sugar
3. Constant gas
4. Belching
5. Tiredness
6. Anxiety/panic
7. Ringing in ears
8. Pressure in ears
9. Allergies developing that you never had
10. Brain fog/altered reality

Like most of you, I went to every doctor was turned away and even laughed at a couple times because they didn't believe all these symptoms could co-exist, it wasn't making sense to them. Hell, in a weird way I don't blame them; who has twitching muscles, "brain fog", etc. etc. I don't know anyone who has this in real life aside myself.

All these symptoms above are not necessarily "CANDIDA". Be skeptical, and understand there are other similar problems like SIBO that have the same affects. You don't want to be chasing an non-existent problem. I can safely say however, this is definitely an intestinal related issue that's gotten out of control, having listened, logged and really paid attention to my body the last 7 months.

When I avoid lots of sugar, I seem to be ok but here is the one thing I found more effective than anything. All these magic pills, $100 dollar supplements and such I'm finding are nonsense. These gurus never experienced this illness, so why are they so interested in helping you without and show of success rate? $$. Sleep and rest seems to help me quite a bit and proper diet.

I am not cured, but here is a strategy I'm going to follow:

1. Get good sleep. Stress is why this even started in the first place as with terrible diets. In my logs, I tend to feel the best when I get good sleep. Take a xanax/valerian/melatonin if you have to (never every night). Just get good sleep some how.
2. Read the GAPS book Gut and Psychologoy syndrome. This book will teach you FAR more than these blog sites, or guru youtube videos.
3. Read the Digestive Wellness book. Again, non-guru BS and very informative.
4. Make kefir at home, and maybe even add probiotics to it initially to strengthen it and avoid spending money on these scam artists. Kefir from my understanding is far more powerful. Supposedly a quart holds more than a bottle of probiotics. I just bought my first kefir grains and am doing this. I will report my success.
5. LOG YOUR DIET, SLEEP, HEALTH, MENTAL HEALTH, ETC. Make a diary and log everything. This is very powerful. Log notes you learn on Candida, Bacteria, anything related and make notes. This will be far more powerful than gurus or mommy blogger sites full of contradictory information.
6. Get plenty of sunlight and be sure to move. Get exercise but not strenuous exercise. Exercise builds the immune system.
7. All of us have f***ed up immune systems, and THAT is the problem. We need to rebuild our immune systems--these will beat the problem. Your body WILL find homeostasis eventually. People on here are always saying "Yeah, there is no cure, we're f***ed" or "I did everything, but I'm still sick". I bet you still live a shitty stressful life, and your immune system is messed up. Here is why I say this. I almost got complete better a couple months ago then stressful events occurred, and I got sick all over again.
8. Mental health directly affects physical health. Again, GET SLEEP, rest and eat right.
9. Don't wash all your fruits and vegetables in your garden, just eat them after you pick them (if you have a garden). Keep the bacteria on there. Yes, it's risky, but at this point we have to take a risk. Don't sterilize every damn thing, that's probably why we are stick, from living in sterile environments.
10. Swim in lakes, play in gardens, eat raw vegetables.
11. Drink raw milk, get colostrum from a farmer. Colostrum really helped me a lot.
12. Read and understand physiology of the intestines
13. Lastly, apparently Candida lives mostly in the colon, not the small intestine. Any accounts of people being healed, or having felt better, were doing these enemas. Candida lives on the mucosal layer and you can remove it that way.

Why waste money on probiotics? There is kefir, sauerkrat, eat raw vegetables from your garden that has bacteria on it. Try to get to the SOURCE of things. Buying $1,000 dollar bottle of acidophilus? Well drink acidophilus drinks instead you make at home!

Also, I wonder if fecal transplants would be effective. Their success rates are extremely high, and are more effective then the strongest Antibiotics for Clostridium difficile patients. Taking shit from a healthy person, and repopulating your guts with theirs. It's not pretty, but you have to fight fire with fire. I have a hunch this could be good for Candida or whatever this "mystery illness" I call it is.


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