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Re: Liver spots and liver by globasone ..... Enema & Colonics Support Forum

Date:   6/25/2013 9:44:21 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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People with hair thinning or missing on the crown point of the head (and there are other signs) usually have extremely troubled livers. But I haven't met a single person who needs a liver overhaul. A lot of people have massive amounts of liver stones . Once the gallbladder is cleansed of theirs the liver can be cleansed of it's stones. There are protocols for this online. However, as I said in the above post, this may be step 25 for you, or it may be step 5. There is no way of knowing without being able to accurately glean information from your own bodymind. Above all, I suggest you learn that and stop taking people's advice. They are as blind as you are. More so, since they cannot get feedback from what you do, they don't feel what you are feeling and see what you are seeing.

Health is about proper circulation. Proper input, output and throughput. With food that meaning eating what the bodymind knows is priority to eat at the times and amounts it is priority, and having a full and complete bowel movement regularly (output).

A simple way to heal yourself without having to learn bodymind information gleaning is what I call Field Consciousness.

For a beginner you simply become very aware of what you are feeling in one of your hands or even a finger or a tip of a finger. Do not try or stain. Let the sensation come into your awareness as it will. You can mentally ask a question if you wish to direct your bodymind's focus: how does my finger tip feel? What heat am I aware of there? Coolness? Pulse? Feeling of tingling? Electricity? Etc. Once you do this, allow yourself to become aware of the opposite hand's finger tip in the same way. You will find that your awareness of the first hand is greater. Don't be concerned. Simple continue to become aware of the opposite finger tip and you will get similar sensations. Now imagine that your finger tip is (for example of healing) gently touching the inside of your ascending colon (on the right side of your body or if you are currently aware of your left hand's finger tip you can imagine that it is gently touching either the bottom of your descending colon or even inside your anus. This is imaginary, not saying you need to do it physically.) You may not notice this right away but later you will realize that the moment you begin to imagine that your finger is touching somewhere inside you you begin to feel different sensations in that finger tip and even on that place on the body. Just be aware of this. It is interesting but need not draw your attention. Now become aware of BOTH fingers at the same time. Become very aware of the sensations that you are feeling in those finger tips. And then, become aware of what you are experiencing in your mind even as you are gently aware of both finger tips. Your mind might have a thought here or there. Be aware of it but don't focus on it. Simply stay aware of the finger tips and whatever is in your mind. You will find that you have moments where you are totally aware but you have absolutely no thought. It is at that time which your intention to heal will most powerfully become or start becoming reality all by itself. It only takes your attention and clarity minus any strain or trying to accomplish anything.

This is what I do each morning:

become aware of colon (in the way I mentioned above), small intestines, liver (from duodenum duct to right side of liver), gallbladder (from duodenum duct to far side of gallbladder), pancreas (same as above), spleen, kidneys, lungs, heart, and I balance brain cortices. This takes about 5-10 minutes because it happens REALLY fast.

Once I get up out of bed I usually do QiGong's Eight Pieces of Brocade and then drink up to 70-75 ounces of distilled water. Sometimes I have to have a bowel movement immediately from getting up. Sometimes I can wait through the QiGong and drinking the water. If so, I get extremely complete bowel movements which happen quickly and nearly effortlessly.

By the way, you can become aware of water in the same way and it will charge it. You might not be able to tell the difference but try doing it to wine. I do this to people's wine and they say that the tastes and textures are amplified. It's not actually a good thing for taste in wines, it ruins it for some, but the point is proving to yourself that you are actually creating an effect and a massive one at that.

Do this enough and you may go a long way to correcting your liver.

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