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I feel something moving in my colon! by corncob ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   7/25/2013 1:31:21 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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So i came back from the doctors today because i thought i pulled a muscle or worse, got a hernia after jogging (thats when i first started feeling the movements in my lower ascending colon)

So im confused but reassured because lately ive been buying organic meat at my grocery store and was eating it raw for its benefits... I know what your thinking just about now, BUT ive been eating this way for years including other raw foods..

Anyways i decided to do a parasite detox lately, because i was experiencing a whole bunch of varied symptoms that come and go. I was feeling tired and weak a lot of the days...

I decided to make a smoothie i threw in a bunch of thyme, some rosemary, 1 full cup of freshly blended organic raw pumpkin seeds, i added turmeric, 2 garlic cloves (i rarely eat garlic) a slice of onion, some raw beets, avocado and some peppermint.. And i washed it all down, before i did i took 1 tablespoon of diatomaceous earth...

My stomach started grumbling and gurgling, felt little pains here and there a few hours later.. If i remember i went to the bathroom next morning and passed a normal looking stool.. It was only after i took a nap later on (very tired) that i awoke and had to go to the loo again...

And behold i passed out some diarrhea that had things in it... I didnt look for things at the bottem but found these weird looking things floating.. 2 almost identical bean, cashew (more puffier looking) things were floating. One had a red hue while the other one was purple looking? yikes... And i saw this seed like thing floating it was kinda big like a oat groat but 2 times bigger and it looked like it had a tough outer shell (looked like fiber and it was brownish with some black at the extremities)

wow so yeah ever since that i did another smoothie but less strong without the garlic and all.. didnt notice anything coming out exept maybe a little thing that looked like a worm...

THEN, i decided to take a real formula for parasite that contained wormood, cloves, Black-Walnut and the others were ginger, calendula, boneset, pau Darco, reishi, and quassia wood, all in one tincture made with ethanol But i think i had a real bad reaction to it! I thought maybe its the die off but it happened pretty much minutes later when i ingested the tincture and i only used 10 drops instead of 15 (15 drops 4 times a day)

I had a heavy feeling over me, had trouble breathing, felt uncoordinated, felt weird overall but then it could be because of thujune found in Wormwood ? and i figured maybe wormood in tincture is too concentrated? (i was thinking maybe it would be better in powder format so i bought and im waiting for my humaworm to arrive)

So after that i just felt tired overall, the symptoms subsided but now i felt itching a bit everywhere in random spots, nose itch is annoying though. Yesterday night my toes went numb for some reason. I felt dizzy and my balance is poor i just feel like crap now because of all of this and i still feel movement, pulling, activity in my lower ascending colon as i type this. So please anyone help me out on this im at a loss!

I also woke up this morning and found i had quite more than ordinary thrush at the back of my tongue???

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