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Re: Post your success story! by coatzalcoatlx ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   8/3/2013 10:54:51 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I solved my Candida issue in total 7 years ago. Within 15 days I had the symptoms under control and reducing.

My symptoms included Brain Fog, jock itch, poor concentration, emotional swings and a host of others that the medical crowd couldnt put their finger on.

Prior to that I tried the various candia diets and I also tried various anti candida products, with only minor relief. Some poeple suggest restrictive candida diets trying to starve the candida. You will starve long before you manage to starve your candida. :-)

I made little headway until I understood the heart of the problem.

Candida is not the problem. Candida is merely natures solution to a problem/situation.

That situation is as a result of excess waste in the body. Fungus comes to the rescue to clean this excess waste. We all have bactaria and fungus in our bodies all the time. When there is excess food for them, and OR something tilts the balance... we wind up with an excess of  fungus along with a plethora of mysterious symptoms. That tilt is often caused by the use of antibiotics, agrivated by poor diet choice and excess food intake.

My way out of this was to clean up the internal terrain. This meant cleaning up the excess waste in the bowel, cleaning up the organs of elimination (there are 5 that can be worked with) so as to ensure that they were working effectively to remove waste and not allowing it to back into the system.

At the same time I eradicated all "junk" food from my diet...I sought out "human food" (Humans were desined to eat fruits, nuts, shoots, sprouts, seeds, plant fats and green leafy veggies...some will argue that animal protein is also required, the later is debatable.) Bottom line is I transitioned over to a diet that would would serve to cleanse and not add to the burden. My diet of choice at the time was a fruitarian diet along with evening salads. Fruits are cleansers. Orange juice became my juice/food of choice.(Many will protest that fruit sugars agrivate the problem. These people dont understand the difference between junk sugar and fruit sugar. They dont understand that every cell in the body is fueled by fructose and glucose. Just about every thing we consume is converted into Fructose and Glucose). Makes sense to get it from the source, and not 2nd hand.

Later on, I transitioned to a Raw Food diet. Today, I can pretty much eat what i like within moderation. I avoid junk/pop etc like the plague. My diet now is largely raw, with the occasional fish, or goats cheese. I dont see wheat/grains as being a useful food if I choose to stay out of trouble.

Back then, I used a good herbal bowel formulae (Lower Bowel Balance Formulae) to clean up the bowel. I eliminated large amounts of gunk from the bowel for many many months using this method. I tackled the possibility of a parasite problem at the same time, and to my horror found my body eliminating scores of flukes, and worms. Finding the above mentioned Bowel Formulae was life saving. I also used high dosage of quality oregano oil in my drinking wtaer/juice/salads. Where ever I could get it into.

The above is a brief summary of the principles I used to tackle my candida issue. Using the above I turned the situation around within 15 days. Within 15 days I had the symptom under control and reducing. However it took many months to clean house fully. 

In hindight a good probiotic would have served me well then. There are  excellent solutions avaible today. PM me for a few suggestions Ive found that have trumped others.

Lastly I also came to learn that having ANY metal in the body would promote fungus. Fungus tries to clean up the metal. Thus the obvious sources of metal are dental amalgams etc. The unseen and less obvious sources are EDTA or titanium dioxide as found in commercial soaps and shampoos. (look on the packaging!) Its beyond me why these rocket scientist would include EDTA and T.D in something the unsuspecting public uses every day!!!). Bottom line is...eradicate the sources of metal intake or metal in your body as best as is practical. Little permant progress will be made if there is metal within the body.

My biggest break through came from realizing that Candida was not the "enemy", but merely symptomatic of a large problem that needed addressing.

As with most health issues a three pronged approach will be life changing.

1. Clean out the 5 Organs of Elimination.

2. Clean out the posisbility of Worms and Parasites.

3. Feed the Body Foods it was designed to consume ie HUMAN FOODS. 

The above assumes that you have stopped eating junk, eliminated the toxic substances in the home. Clean up your water supply. On foods, The label on the bottle or box will reveal most things eg MSG, E305, (anything with an E type number on it)...any preservatives.

When the above is used along with sensible and educated fasting regimes, miracles will begin to happen.

Antibiotics will only aggrivate the situation. they do not get to the cause. Only you, and your education can get you to the cause. After that its up to you to use the information and navigate your way back to wellness and balance.

So yes, it can be done. It needn't be a life time project. Understand the basics and the issue becomes very doable.


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