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Re: please help.anyone with knowledge on liver,lymphatic system. near the end. i would greatly appreciate any insight by blues ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   8/12/2013 11:40:52 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Try a bit of zinc gluconate after every meal, not exceeding 50 mg a day. Almost all of your symptoms I have been having in spades for the last year. I think the burning is an infection. The zinc helps with fighting infection. Lufenuron will help kill the yeast if the infection is yeast related. Diarrhea takes away your electrolytes which will screw up your whole system, causing the brain jolts and muscle jolts. Unfortunately I am unable to replace mine using electroylte formula since magnesium is in all the formulas and magnesium causes diarrhea in me in any form....maybe it could be the same with you. Even most supplements were giving me burning pee. Whenever that would happen, diarrhea would follow and many of the other symptoms you mentioned too.

I wouldn't even have bothered to take zinc but my doctor insists I am zinc deficient, so I have been taking it for the last week, and am cautiously suprised that I am not getting the burning from foods that would normaly cause burning pee. I normally wouldn't share this since I haven't been taking it for very long to get enough feedback from it, but I thought I'd share anyway, since your symptoms are so like mine, and it is a horrible way to live.

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