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Bloating, itching/flaking in ears, itching/flaking anal area, swollen prostate, etc: could it be parasites/giardia?! by Dervish ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/12/2013 2:37:28 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hey all,

Brand new here, but been researching and reading threads for days now. I come across elements that touch on a couple of my symptoms, but I am wondering if some might have some ideas on what is most important/biggest culprit.

I have had an anal itch for years now, that would flare badly, go away some, and come back with a vengeance with flaking and scaling white skin and almost 'weeping' fluid at times. It started to happen not long after I started to notice that I was having urinary and erectile issues: sort of always, ALWAYS feels like I am sitting on a golf ball. Went to the doc, and he said "prostate infection" from sex. Took Antibiotic for weeks: solved nothing.

Years earlier I had drank some really bad water and picked up giardia: vomiting, severe diarrhea, really high fever, chills, aches just a royal mess for 3+ days. It ran it's course, and I felt I was no worse for wear, but as time and years went by I noticed I would get pretty bad gas, bloating, distended abdomen and diarrhea really easily. I would have to carry imodium every where I went, and would take it at least once a week. After a long time, the diarreha would abate and I would no longer have that issue, but all other remained. I perpetutally feel like I have flatulence, and nothing resolves it other than passing gas. It's usually better after I use the bathroom in the AM.

Over the years I have tried everything to alleviate the issues: diet change, life style change, herbs, anti-biotics, pro-biotics, etc, exercise, anti-candida, raw foods, juicing, fasting, cleanses: a lot of things, (not all). I still have exactly the same ache and swelling in my prostate, same level of erectile and urinary issues, same level of stomach distention as I have had for years, same need to pass gas(rarely burping), same anal itch, same lethargy, same frustration and wacked out sleeping schedule.

Can anyone tell me what this is?! Is it ONLY candida? Is it a couple of parasites/worms?! Is it both?!!? There are times that I have a BM and I feel great and my stomach is flat and normal and I feel just, well, ME. There's 1" of fat on there, (2" on the love handles....I'm 40 don't judge!) but I can clench my abs and feel 1" of fat, and then muscle: no bloat, no distension, no gas. I can't figure out any foods that prevent it or caused it. It's just random. In general I feel like I have a beach ball in my stomach! My anal itch is lessened with 2% hydro-cortisone, but now I have developed itching and flaking skin in my ears, and they no longer make ear wax at all! A couple months ago it turned into an outer ear infection that took 2 different Antibiotics to clear up, it had gotten into the ear cartilage.

I know that, or feel that I am tackling two different things, and I am not expecting someone to say " oh yeah it's all parasite related", or "it's all candida". But I can't afford doctors or naturalpaths anymore that tell me to eradicate everything from my diet and eat hundreds of dollars of herbs for 6 months, and then the other one telling me to take weeks of anti-fungal and anti-biotics.
One tells me to only eat for the "liver body type" which is low protein and high crucifereous vegetables, and the other tells me to eat higher protein and lots of blue cheese! WTH?!!

I know a incredible number of us all suffer from what seems like a whole symphony of issues. I would really be grateful to just eliminate one.

Thank you for at least reading this.
Any thoughts are welcome.

Other stuff:
40 years old, male, generally healthy! :)
Stuffy sinuses all the time
Flaky itchy scalp
anxious most of the time
dark puffy under eyes
hair falling out easily now
minimal energy
sweat a lot, easily
erectile dysfunction
stomach gurgles a lot, (especially after food)
trouble urinating (takes a lot of pressure)
lower back pain
aching prostate
painful shoulder and hip joints

Again, thanks for at least reading. Any ideas or experiences with any of this would be great to hear about.

Thank you, earnestly!


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