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Re: Bloating, itching/flaking in ears, itching/flaking anal area, swollen prostate, etc: could it be parasites/giardia?! by jamyang ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/13/2013 12:52:45 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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YYour story is very similar to myself and friends with lymes. I have never had a tick bit I know of only a spider bite about 16 yrs ago. I had an accident not long after which lead to a blood transfusion. My lymes symptoms started then but was over looked because of the accident. Obviously now I have chronic lymes due to Australian govt. Only just now admitting there is lymes here. A few years ago I started itching, crawling sensations, weeping sore things. Dr at time told me I had scabies( also was still undiagnosed for lymes.) Go home get a tub of lyre clear you'll be fine, this opened the biggest skin, itchy, outbreak you could imagine. I went back to say I could still feel them only to be given the usual, sometimes we can imagine things are crawling and the festy cuts are from self mutilation! Cut a long story short I started investigating mites and what disease they carry, ah there it was lymes. Found a one in a few Aussie lymes drs and he has been treating me for a year. If it had been caught early I may still have had some quality of life for the last 15yrs. Lymes weakens your immune system leaving you wide open to parasites. I'm sorry for the waffle on, I just know if it is lymes the quicker you start treatment the better the recovery chance. Best wishes I may be way off the mark but 100percent morgellons patients have lymes and 80percent of lymes victims have morgellons.

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