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Does the parazapper work? Think I have parasites and I need to get one... by #139029 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/16/2013 1:15:28 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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i m still undiagnosed as people in this situation seem to be and I've been trying to fight my condition with cancer protocols and parasite protocols but im not getting anywhere... or not really.

3 weeks ago or so i wasnt able to sleep for almost 2 weeks. i was horrified and felt like i was about to die so i made drastic changes to my lifestyle and health. i managed to get my sleep back after supplementing Clarkia herbs (recommended doses) and coq10 (never done more than 1000mg in a day though) in addition to various alkalizing diets and supplement protocols from cancertutor. (such as super msm, and various dirt cheap protocols). im pretty sure i have parasites (and that they possibly have even bundled themselves up in my bone marrow or joints, as I have Arthritis type bone spur cysts over EVERy joint now :( its really frightneing and i feel like i have advanced cancer or something, but my CBC tests are always completely normal. it is confusing and annoying since I get worse and worse.)

so anyways... I realized the one thing I never tried is any frequency generating stuff. I would love to get a gb4000 mopa but i totally dont have that kind of money (or especially a photon genius! that would be nice!), so im wondering about the parazapper. does anyone have any success stories with it? does it really work? i doubt anything will ever fix me at this point short of amputating all my limbs and focusing on the ones bundled up in just my spine... then maybe i could have a chance? or maybe if i stick with a diet and cleanse routine with frequency generating, do you think i have a chance? should i just commit suicide? life is getting really close to unbearable. cant walk much anymore. cant drive. joints ache everywhere. cant type. only 31 years old. doctors/family dont think anythings really wrong with me. its hell.

thanks for any ideas or suggestions for the parazapper, its the only thing of its kind i can really afford :/

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