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Re: altered state of consciousness by #173783 ..... Brain Fog Forum

Date:   8/20/2013 11:57:05 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Thank you.  Yes, I agree - the articles here on CZ and on similar sites can be very helpful .. there are pieces of the puzzle everywhere.

My research on methylation and methylenetetrahydrofolate (MTHF) reductase (MTFHR) - which is an enzyme that the body produces that reduces 5,10-MTHF to 5-MTHF, which is critical in the methylation pathways, which are critical to nearly every body process - continues. 

I've found that I'm 'homozygous' (meaning I got this mutation from both parents) MTHFR C677T, which results in the production of thermolabile [less active, effectively] MTHFR, and I face a near continuous 'folate deficiency' unless I supplement.  I'm currently taking 5-MTHF (technically 6(S) 5-MTHF) - the 'reduced' form of folate that your body uses - which effectively 'bypasses' the need for 'working' reductase (MTHFR), and I continue to improve (dramatically) daily.

MTHFR mutations can be really nasty, and from what I can tell are implicated in many cases of chronic illness.  Everyone with any kind of unexplainable or difficult to treat symptoms/illness should be tested.

Unfortunately, there's not much info about this on CZ (according to search), but here are some pretty good references:

 >Dr. Amy Yasko's book (which isn't only about autism):

 >A great Methylation Nutrigenomics reference:

 >Dr. Ben Lynch's Methylation resources:

Hope the above is useful, and, of course, let me know if I can be of assistance!

PS - Yes, I hated to see parasites in my stool at first, but after a while I stopped caring.



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