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Re: First day of niclosamide in the flukes, tapeworm program. by Kolt Quinn ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   10/13/2013 12:27:09 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hello Laurent,

Nice to know you'll stick around and let people benefit from your experience and knowledge.

ha ha ha ha you're making me laugh with your guess at age. I don't know if I should be flattered or depressed. Maybe you're actually being polite and didn't want to tell me the truth, that I come across as a crotchety old man. You'd make good detective.

You have more knowledge by far about health then any one I know around your age.

Certainly never took anything you said as holding yourself out as anything but student with a parasite problem.

I actually passed a 9" inch Tapeworm that I put in a jar and had it tested by a hospital lab. The results from the lab were a fish tapeworm.

I don't have any association with the health field. Just maybe a more then average knowledge of quality food. I make it a point to try and consume the best possible food for my health. NOT the most expensive but cleanest/purest. If that makes sense. Farmers markets, small family farms, etc.

I'm just eating as usual we a little more pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil. ha ha ha ha I learned to LOVE pumpkin seeds. Also new to my diet because of these worms is Diatomaceous Earth. I like the idea of it raining knives on my unwelcome guests.

They are still there because I haven't started ICU's protocol yet. I'm just trying to make them uncomfortable but not enough that they go looking else where in my body. I doubt that I can control or affect anything they do. I just don't like this idea that I keep reading about scattering. I certainly don't want that so they can just stay where they are until I'm ready for my battle, which is coming soon.

The two years crept up on me. I kept thinking and blaming my aliments on other things and was actually running out of ideas. Then out pops a little 9" inch tapeworm. Lucky me. Seriously lucky me because the alternative of going down the stool testing route didn't appeal to me. Spending tons of money to wait and get negative results when you know the test should be positive doesn't sound fun.

You know Laurent I've read about the side affects of these drugs and so far I haven't come across anything that gives me any great concern.

That is coming from a person that will always pick the natural way to deal with health issues. That being said I think if you eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle your body is tough and will rebound from taking these drugs. But the key is to do it right the first time and not get in a situation where you need to keep taking additional rounds. That is where I think people get in trouble. That continued repeat exposure to these powerful drugs.

These critters we have in todays world are badasses, resilient and seem to be getting stronger. That is why a home or natural remedy that worked many years ago doesn't work now. I'd picked garlic, pumpkin seeds, Diatomaceous Earth any day over drugs. I'd drink gallons of raw garlic juice but I just believe we are dealing with much stronger critters today that call for the additional powerful medication/drugs.

Read a couple of these links in regards to the Diatrizoic Acid:
This link Shada found and is excellent.
Another good one.

The scolex (head) of the Tapeworm stays lodged even though the Tapeworm body has been killed by the drugs. Once the medication has left the body the head of the worm grows back and starts dumping millions of eggs again. So then you end up right back where you started feeling like crap and needing medication. That cycle doesn't appeal to me at all.

The injection seems to have been created in Japan from what Shada discovered, which makes sense.

I will be interested to hear how you feel when you are getting close to finishing the Niclosamide. Then you are planning on immediately starting your combo meds?

Sounds to me as if you are dealing with this protocol just fine.


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