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Re: First day of niclosamide in the flukes, tapeworm program. by Kolt Quinn ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   10/14/2013 9:31:40 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hello Laurent,

Sorry I scared you with my last post. Certainly not my intention.

Nice to hear you have my same concerns regarding that darn scolex (head) of the worm.

That link was excellent Laurent!!!!!! I'll take all the optimistic studies I can. Thanks!

With my luck I'd probably be in the small % that still had the head stuck in my stomach wall. I would've liked it even better if the test group was larger but I'll take every good study/research I can.

I'll answer the best I can:

1) I sure hope that a positive lab from a hospital will give me the golden ticket to convince a doctor to give me the injection. I'm in the process of doing that this week. One doctor shot me down already saying it was over his head/expertise. I have two more I'll be approaching here in the states. If I'm not successful I'll be contacting doctors in Japan and Bangkok. In Japan this is the treatment of choice and they say the result are 100%.

I have a person in China also checking for me. You are correct it is not over the counter.

2) I agree this is the big question and problem. We all go through all this hell of feeling like crap and spending tons of money and time to defeat these worms and then to only find out months later the darn worm has grown back. All because the dam head (scolex) was still attached. I don't know how long it takes for the body to grow back, start laying eggs and messing with our bodies AGAIN. I don't plan on finding out and why I'm searching for a doctor or medical facility that gives the injections.

I agree it is a dilemma when you have all the meds and deciding to take them or wait till you have also have the injection.

I've been tempted a few times to start the medication since I've got it all. But, but I don't know how long it will take to line up this injection so I'm deciding to wait. I really don't want to expose my body to any more medication then I have to. As soon as I have an appointment for the injection of diatrizoic acid confirmed I'll also start ICU's medication protocol.

I think your plan is fine. You are young and if you need in 6 month to take another round of medications because the worm grew back you'll be fine. The reason being is by that time I dam well have better of found a doctor willing to do this treatment. Then you'll know where and you can have it done. Plus you are young and can handle a couple round of meds if need be. Additionally you are correct the percentages are in your favor of being clean after you finish the protocol.

3) My symptoms are: Weight loss, muscle loss, mass loss, strength loss, brain fog, forgetting, slow cognitive responses, eye focus changing, right shoulder pain (definitely associated with the worm), receding gums, lacking tooth density and eroding, mineral loss, face skin rashes, finger and toe nails don't grow, stools are a gigantic cow pie, weakness in the legs, feel at time like I'm walking in water or quick sand, stomach noise as if I trying out for the movie Alien. Probably more but that gives you an idea.

4) Absolutely keep the Niclosamide. As long as you've finished ICU's full protocol. It also sounds as if you are doing just great so far on the protocol.

5) Sounds like a good plan and has some relevance for sure. Too bad you don't have some pumpkin seed oil to combine with the seeds. The hospital in Thailand recommends exactly what you are doing. Taking the Niclosamide and then a laxative after. My only concern is making sure that it is a natural laxative which is what you are doing. ICU warns against taking medical laxatives and for good reason. I agree with her assessment 100% that taking a medical laxative would wash the medication out of the body as well. As you saw with that study you found, the longer the Niclosamide is in your body the better chances of killing, killing and killing more of the stubborn worms.

I believe this is part of the problem overseas with people thinking they are reinfected. What is really happening is they've never fully killed the worms and they grew back. The people didn't get infected again, they were never fully eliminated. Of course just my opinion and I have absolutely nothing to back it up. No studies, test groups, etc.

Keep the great posts coming with your thoughts, ideas and experience while going through this protocol.



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