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Re: DAY 10! Tounge Not Colored Yet... by fresh ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   6/3/2004 11:02:33 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I remember Day's kind of like Day 7. It's a milestone, so you say to yourself "I did good. I can stop..." and it's true. But what were your original goals? I knew I wanted to go 40, even wrote it early on, but it wasn't until YESTERDAY that I actually believed I'd make it. I'm 33 so I wanted to go 40 days because Jesus had at my age. I was also pretty toxic. Had been eating garbage. Drinking tequila. Not wriring a book I got a large advance for (not the kind of stress you and your family are experiencing, but my own private pressure cooker/hell). I prepare three meals for my daughter, which has honestly been different for me. I'd been eating out and feeding her that way too. For me the food prep wasn't so hard. On day 6 I passed worms. After beginning a parasite cleanse. It was then I realized how deeply I needed cleasning. I've since passed mucoid ropes, broken through creatively, have clarity, some calm and something close to a divine sense of purpose. Best of all, the Master-Cleanse has begun to lift that wet sand blanket of Depression that had greeted me each morning. For that I'd go another 40! You can keep going. You live in Hawaii right? Go to the ocean. Send your hubby warm hugs across the water. Remember how connected you are to the water and how perfect and self-healing your body is. How happy it is with you for embarking going on this journey, flushing toxins. 21 days wld be a nice, deep cleaning. But 10 days is great too. Good Luck. Your husband is in all our prayers.

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