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parasites and worms scattered to my head - now getting better by ilovelifethankyou ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   11/6/2013 2:40:08 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I've been referring to CureZone for years and have gratefully learned so much from other people's experiences. However, it's only now that I feel I have something to give back and so that is why I go into so much detail…

This will help anyone who has had parasites scattering to their head - surely one of the worst places they can run to! What I did worked in just a few days and turned a problem that was so serious I was worried I would survive from into something more manageable.

Here is my history:

I first was aware of parasites 5 years ago when my children got pinworms and I picked them up. We cleansed the entire family using herbs and 2 of us didn't get better, so I ended up using drugs. This seemed to work, but the pinworms reappeared every now and again for 2 years. I realised I must be a parasite magnet and realised there must be an energetic connection, so I started working on my relationships (and stopped giving so much of my energy away to other people). A few months later I was free of pinworms and they never returned. Note that I am a healer (a Reiki practitioner) and had a tendency to give of myself without the energy exchange, hence the parasitic relationships that manifested in actual parasites.

Then we moved to Spain and about a year later, I was blessed with roundworms (thank you to the nice clean people of southern Spain…) and this time knew I had to cleanse aggressively and so followed the Albendazole protocol for 3 months (way longer than I was supposed to). This had no effect, so I switched to Wormwood , garlic and diatomaceous earth, which gradually saw the bulge in the side of my stomach reducing and the awful running around they did from the sides of my lungs to my guts every night (especially new/full moon), stopped.

Eventually I reached a place where I could not feel them and life seemed good again. I kept the Wormwood /garlic/DE protocol up and my diet is 80% alkaline, mainly raw food and less than 2g Sugar a day (dark chocolate!) so everything seemed to be balancing out.

Then about 6 months after things seemed to be going well, I ran out of Wormwood , DE and the local shop stopped selling the garlic paste I had been using. Within 2 weeks I could feel movement in my stomach - the roundworms obviously had not been killed, but must have been sleeping! So because of where we live and the time it takes to send anything down here, I started doing apple cider vinegar enemas everyday in an attempt to keep the numbers down while I waited for new supplies.

After 2 weeks, I was feeling great, the ACV enemas gave me energy and I was feeling good for the general cleansing effect, but then I noticed they were scattering to my arms and legs. So I switched to Miracle-Mineral-Supplement - it's horrible stuff, but is powerful. This time I would start the day with an Miracle-Mineral-Supplement enema (20 drops in less than 1 litre water, held 10 minutes), then take 4 drops at lunchtime, 6 drops before tea time, 8 drops after tea, the following day I would increase by 2 drops (so 6,8,10 then 8, 10, 12, etc). In less than 5 days I had reached 8, 12, 15. The night that I reached 15 was when the worst of the scattering happened.

I woke up the next day to find that my head was swollen and puffy and I couldn't see properly. There was movement all over my head, sinuses, neck… it was so bad, so much pain everywhere. I'm pretty tough, but this was unbearable. It was like the worst migraine ever combined with wriggling worms. I could barely think. It seems that all of the remaining worms had run up to my head to get away from the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

Now I was desperate and still did not have any herbs in so I had to use what I had. This is what I did and 4 days later, I am MUCH better - the worms have mostly gone back down, the swelling has gone, the headache almost gone, the movements almost stopped. It's not perfect, but for anyone else as desperate as I was, I truly hope this helps:

1. Turmeric - 1 tsp in water every 2 - 3 hours
2. Iodine - 20 drops the first day, then reducing slightly and then I stopped swallowing and now I am painting on my neck where there is one worm left
3. Garlic cloves - cut and rubbed onto my skin all over my face, neck and sides of head, then cut a thin sliver off the bulb and repeat until there is nothing to rub - so that's about 10 cuts per bulb and you end up with 20 sides of fresh garlic juice to rub.
4. Dr Vogel's Passionflower remedy - 20 drops everytime I drank some turmeric. I have NO idea why I was drawn to this, but I was and it felt like it had an effect.
5. Visualisation - everyday I meditate and visualise perfect health. I connect with the centre of the earth first, then fill up my body with white light, then violet light, then see/feel myself as being better. All day long I remind myself I am better and if I feel a wriggle, I ignore it and say 'thank you I am clean, free, etc).
6. Sleeping with lots of pillows. I noticed during the day the swelling reduced and the next day it was just as bad again, so I figured they were less likely to migrate back up if it was harder to get there!
7. Zapper (Don Croft's terminator) - which honestly I am not sure does anything but it certainly helps indicate where they are. I can feel it stinging, but then the worm still moves after - I leave it until my skin is almost burned but I know I heal so this isn't a problem. so thats several hours of zapping
8. TENS machine - I read from Geritol that he'd had success and I used this on the first 2 days to try herd them out of my head but as soon as I removed it, they went back again.

So it's day 5 after the migration and I feel like me again - my head looks a normal size and although I clearly still have worms up there, it is manageable. There is one on the side of my neck, I feel them come up into the back of my throat (and use the zapper to send them back down) and I notice they go very quiet just after I have painted iodine/garlic.

Now I am waiting for an army of supplements! Clarkia 's protocol plus a load of other stuff - I don't need these roundworms anymore!

And everyday I BLESS the roundworms. I know this is bizarre but parasites have led me to raw food, alkaline diets, meditation, Abraham-Hicks, Bashar and a much great sense of awareness of the emotional cause of parasites. Roundworms have given me so much and I thank them for the experience and wisdom I have gained. Now it's time for them to go thank you!

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