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Lyme or Mercury/Heavy Metal Toxicity? by randomgirl0106 ..... Lyme (Lime) Disease Forum

Date:   12/7/2013 4:27:02 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hey, I'm looking for advice.

I'm 22 years old, been sick most of my life. Didn't really start noticing problems til middle school. But before that I had extreme social issues, wouldn't talk to anyone in elementary school, sat alone, had OCD tendencies, was very anxious about social situations, easily upset and angry (manic tendencies) and trouble staying focused. I don't know if this signals something was wrong.

By middle school I had minor physical symptoms: constipation, insomnia (took around 2 hours to fall asleep usually). Developed full blown OCD at 13.

By 14 in high school my insomnia worsened, I started to get discoloration around my eyes. I was tired all the time. My gums were receding. I started to get acne. I got my first period at 15 got really sick, threw up lots and was in a lot of pain, didn't get another period until a year later and they came rarely and irregularly and were always very bad when they did.

I became anorexic around 16, got hospitalized for it was very underweight. Around this time they found I had orthastatic intolerance.

I still do years later after gaining all the weight back. I also developed hypoglycemia and started getting cravings for Sugar hardcore, which have never went away. I also developed depression.

My insomnia became horrible it took around 5 hours average for me to fall asleep and once I did I often knew I was asleep and couldn't wake myself up (sleep paralysis). At 18 I developed anxiety in addition to depression. My bowels started to become mucus like with lots of gas and urgent. I also developed sinus problems, although I always had some, I got chronic post nasal drip.

At 19 my Acne became severe. 20 I was put on birth control, yaz for my Acne as they found I had slightly elevated testosterone. Although it got rid of my Acne I got way sicker.

The same week my acne cleared I got pink eye, tonsilitis and muscle aches and felt so tired I could barely sit up. I was tested for mono, it was negative. So I was given Antibiotics for the tonsilitis and my bowels started to get way worse around this time.

They were always urgent and came out thin, completely undigested and unformed. They have been this way since then.

At one point they were yellow, now they are clay colored undigested and pencil thin. Sorry for the TMI. I also got tonsilitis a few times over since then and strep. Finally I stopped taking the yaz cause I thought it was making me sicker. My acne came back. I started going to a functional doctor. He prescribed me progesterone for my sleep. It didn't work and made me sicker, so I stopped taking it. He just gave me the results of the blood work from my first appointment.

I have very low ferratin levels mine is 13 and its supposed to be around 100, but I dont have anemia he said.

I have low levels of cortisol as shown by a saliva test all throughout the day except at nighttime.
It's 2/3 of what is should be.

I have slightly low thyroid function, but still in the normal range.

Low magnesium and slightly low B12.

My lyme test was negative he had done on me, well one band was positive but overall it was negative. I had one positive lyme test from a year ago with no coinfections however, which I showed him and he decided I actually do have lyme disease.

Now I am suppposed to start on a protocol of 4 Antibiotics next week along with probiotics and Cortef for cortisol.

I am scared to take these things because I can't afford to get any sicker because I'm already so bad I am graduating college in a few weeks and need to be able to work at least part time. My family won't help me out financially because they think I'm a hypochondriac. I'm scared to do the protocol because I don't even know if I have lyme disease.

My mom had 20+ mercury fillings put in before she got pregnant with me so I think I might actually have mercury toxicity. I asked the doctor I'm going to but he said mercury would not cause adrenal fatigue which I have. Is that true? Also I have extereme digestive issues and think I have candida and I'm scared the Antibiotics will make those worse. Also I've heard very bad things about becoming dependent on Cortef. So

I don't know what should I do? The lyme protocol or keep looking for answers and look into heavy metals. I do live in Maryland so I guess I could have lyme but I've never seen a tick bite and I've had issues since I was a kid.

I thought people with lyme start out healthy and then get sick when they catch it.

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