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Re: New Study Finds Alarming Increase in Breast Cancer Risk Following Abortions by JesichasHope ..... News Forum

Date:   12/8/2013 11:39:55 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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The Vitamin D deficiency has become a part of many articles and reports. But it is how doctors or mainstream take these findings that is critical.

A study a few years back showed women in countries that have predominantly Muslim women, who are required to be totally covered in public have a higher incidence of breast cancer, a Vitamin D deficiency was noted during examination. Lack of exposure to sunlight was blamed.

We have to also look at our paranoia with sunlight and skin cancer whereas sunblockers have become almost prerequisite to leaving the house. And if you were to test those that adhere to this strict rule most will be Vitamin D deficient.

Now we let the doctors enter into this picture with all this new found information and watch how they handle it. Most doctors will prescribe [ more money ] Vitamin D - but when they do so it is Vitamin D2. After some time, blood test will show the taking of Vitamin D2 does little to raise the Vitamin D within you body. After sometime, a doctor will tell you the Vitamin D did not work but they surely will have drug to help protect you from cancer and will prescribe something like Tomoxifen. When all that was needed was Vitamin D3 with K. So, is it that mainstream just does not want to stop cancer or prevent it; I can hardly keep believing they know less than all of us.

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