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A revaluation by MH by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   1/10/2014 5:37:59 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Shortly after 3 am 1/10/2014 on the 10th day of the "best" orange juice BOOK I orange juice 'fasting" I haver ever experienced to date----upon wakening out of a great sleep--in an "instant" I realized my entire "life's" path from my ancestors of France that lead to my name, my young childhood, every path that had to pass that included every step in my life which included "ALL" around me that had to play out exactly as it did, which included every person, factories, etc., etc. to do exactly as it had to, including living in this country, in the state, on this location and 18 years at this location, building, moving land and the amish giving me my first starts of BLACK BERRIES and then my possession that drove me to spend the time, effort and $$$ all for 1 purpose in my lifetime, that no doubt dates back in history to ancestors out of France, because a few weeks back when looking at the oldest pictures my mom had, a french name stuck out instantly to me….and I now believe as much as William Branham, Hotema and many have, that every moment, every step of the entire life on earth---IS PREDESTINED…..we do, what we must do and it all was determined before we were born……

YES, the stupidity we do growing up slows down, deters and waste time, but we are driven from conception through out life, to experience what we had to, to make us who we are and do what we must do…it all has to happen, the good with the bad that creates who we are…and we are, what we were designed to be!

My entire life, as crazy at this sounds has been to raise a patch of black berries. It took every path of my life from being born from my ancestors in this country, at this location, to the parents and each location I have lived and every situation in my entire life, my education, my health and everything that has happened to put me where I am and every dime to all lead to 1 patch of black berries…and no doubt my ancestors a very long time ago had their hands in black berries…

Needless to say, everything that has happened in "WEIRD" ways including how "people" entered my life and did the things they did and then were 'gone" is now all explainable----they all had a part in the making of this 1 little hillside of black berries………the land, how I came to live here, the dozers, the equipment, ponds, wood, chickens, cows, irrigation, my herbal education and experiences all lead up to this time and no doubt, I have the best little patch of black berries on this planet hands down….and more so, "I" understand what it takes to put them in a bottle that is "usable" to the human body---something "commercial" WILL NEVER" understand or be willing to do..

NO LOCAL people have any respect or cares about such things, you can't give them black berries----they want "sweet" berries that they don't have to pick or eat other than mixed with ice-cream … truly is like the ancient bible monks wrote----you can give gold and diamond to a pig, but you still have just a pig.

You can't 'find" anyone, what you can do is "wait" on people, the right people to come along---actually, they have no real choice but to come along at the correct time----the same as every person that influenced my life so I ended up with the best black berries on the planet all came at the time they had to come and do what they had to do, to make it all do what it had to do…

"I" never had a clue during all those years, cost wise, virtually my entire life is the investment $$$ wise and time wise, truly priceless in my standards and this property "I" can easily point at the great expense and time spent over the past 18+ years and even how I came to live here in the first place--ALL did not make "sense" until you point the finger at 1 small patch of black berries….

Doyal Black berries at that, you can see him on the internet and it now makes me wonder about his ancestry….I asked him a question about his breed of black berries and be promptly responded to me and is a very college educated scientific feller with the belief he bred the best black berry plants that could "be" and no doubt was driven their entire life to developing such plants…AND even more bazaar HOW the local LOWES store would try to sell black berry plants for $14.95 per pot to these locals around here and naturally, could not, so come each fall for 2 years, I would see these black berry plants marked down to $1 each and literally purchased all 2 stores had for 2 years and I noticed in 2013 THESE stores didn't even try to sell black berries anymore…..after all, I HAD ALL I WAS GOING TO BUY, because I finally realized I could not give my black berries away for free and was going to buy no more ever again and I had dug up 30+ plants that had grown between the rows and now actually have more plants than i would know what to do with anyway…BUT EVERY STEP that has involved thousands of people over the years all was predestined and for my part, all to plant a crop of black berries that never made any sense until now…

Not only how I have spent $$$ wise endless $$$ and my wife never objected, even though nothing ($$$) ever came back…

This fasting experience I have noticed the human body wants rid of the water in the orange juice and really only wants the minerals from the tree fruit….so I got the idea to look for dehydrated or freeze dried orange juice powder. Again, all paths lead back to China / India where they manufacturer just about every imaginable food processing machine and have done it all and supply people here in the USA with wholesale product where they then come up with 10 different prices based on who can lie the most on their websites…….and while quizzing these websites, it seems there is no all natural powdered orange juice; they use silica or corn syrup solids, etc. after they remove the water so the orange juice minerals don't all stick together……..but when reading all the various freeze dried juice sources out there, it was easy to see there are some medical health types that specialize in freeze dried fruit juices solely as their $$$$$ source and they have made some of the best health videos on human food I have ever seen and they 100%, the same as past great doctors have proven, that the berries are the healthiest foods a human can consume and they put the black berry at the top of their list world wide as the most anti-cancerous berry of them all.

No doubt fresh picked, frozen, dehydrated or freeze dried black berries are great, but quality wise, i doubt there are any black berries on this planet that are living in soil at such an effort by any other human on the planet; something that took a lifetime to make happen and the goal was never realized at any given moment ever--it was a driven thing that is mysterious as life its self….

It is proven, locals and most humans could care absolutely less about black berries, you could pick them, drive to their house and give them to them and if you didn't bake them a sugar enhanced pie or make sugar enhanced ice cream or jelly----you might as well throw the berries out on the ground, because that is what the people would do after you left their house…

So $$$ wise, the black berry future looked ridicules and I have been wondering "why" I planted so many black berries, yet have always believed everything has a purpose, same as why I often collect a lifetime supply of any herb I BELIEVE TO be good….yet, these herbs can set for many years with no one asking to buy them at all---but i know, it has to happen this way and someone in the future will appear and make use……and you never know who these people will be---they will appear, do their thing and be gone as fast as they came….

Such a black berry patch is enough to make me laugh---just about the last thing I would have ever conceived possible and never seen coming--I JUST had to do it in my lifetime….and I am sure 99.9999% I would ever tell this story to would believe I ate too many black berries and am crazy to believe such nonsense…..but each orange juice fasting I have grown to expect enlightenment..last year lead to the herbal concentrates and my belief in that is the conclusion of making the best herbal product i can; same as the herbal sprays, air freshen 2 and every other cool thing in my life as far as health goes, all developed out of what i call BOOK I orange juice fasting and herbal use.

PRE 108 / BOOK I, I was a number in the dirtiest lead factory left in America with over 112x more lead in my cells than average people in 50 countries……..No doubt, BOOK I has changed my life more than it has ever changed anyone else life on earth after the death of the author and the book long forgotten about…and buried by every medical college and government…..and thankfully great books never die, are never 100% erased and find a way to survive…….and what is happening today? Libraries going electronic and have been erasing the great health books ever since 1950 when medical went 100% government…how easy it is to evaporate an electronic book or "manipulate" it.

We have lived the good days and luckily enough information exist for all who seek better health, to achieve better health.

To date, I have several Black Berry Products:

The food tincture and spray I made some years back had a portion of black berries and the food\ tincture and spray never sold, it was part of the 2012 master herbalist kit daily supplement that maybe 12 people world wide tried once…..that is basically an obsolete product even though it may have been one of the best all purpose liquid extracts ever… doubt heading to become bottom of the barrel.

I put black berry in the 2013 herbal supplement 108

Otherwise I made a tincture that I assumed no one would ever want and didn't bother to have jody put it on the website store….

"IF" a person looks at what medical is saying and writing about the black berry and how they seek to sell their powered black berry, then all i can say is, if you can't raise your own chemical free all natural black berries---then I don't think anyone anywhere has black berry that can compare to what i have ample of…

AND as a proper made 'extract", the liquid will be used by the body in seconds, maybe a few minutes which makes extracted great for people who don't have perfect stomachs and livers that can break down the berries and make use of them.

This summer I had the idea in this same revelation to and how to make my first herbal Black Berry Syrup/Tincture….and have no clue if anyone will want it….but that never matters.

WHY are common name herbs never successful? for 1 very simple reason, if people can walk outside and see it, recognize it or buy the whole herb in their food stores, then they never see any value beyond that….so herbalist since $$$ was a thing of value, had to seek out the exotic herbs that people never see or because the herbs come form a different country like the AMAZON or any place but your place and people will spend $$$ for that---just like cows and horses, the pasture is always greener on the other side of our fence….

YET, many of the common herbs outside in every yard and local trees can be great herbal sources….I noticed at the beginning of learning about herbs, most places put a different value on each herb they sale…as though what they paid to have that herb, cost them enough difference to mark their prices different---I always believed that to be foolish and misleading….the cost mostly is this:


Taxation can be 25% of the retail price!
Shipping sometimes cost as much as the product cost.
TIME? We pay a fortune keeping paper work, so we can pay taxation! 90% of all paper work is so government "knows" to the dime what we must pay in tax..
Talking to the customer, taking orders, making shipping labels and packaging all cost more than the raw product does…

As far as making herbal products with the black berries goes? Time is the killer----you have 1 month per year to collect the berries and hand picking berries takes an enormous amount of time and with this herb, taking care of the plants is enormous when compared to all other herbs that just grow wild as trees or plants out in the wild….

The world considers wild ginseng one of the most valuable herbs, basically because chinese people have no wild ginseng left and will pay good $$ for the wild old plants…and when I compare wild ginseng to growing and picking black berries??? I have 100X more $$$ and time invested using black berries verses wild plants…..but the human mindset understands the opposite…..all normal names should cost nothing and all exotic names should cost allot…

the perfect example is wines….for centuries those making wines 'create" the illusion via their "names" , it must have an exotic name to make the sell…
same goers with herbs…we have these want to be doctors traveling the earth writing newsletters and books introducing the next new exotic herb craze….

Well, if i can never sell my black berry extract tincture, maybe it will just have to be like Olive leaf and Oregano oil and find its way into the "base" of every formula…..who knows…..and who would have ever knew…..

I will have Jody put the Black Berry Tincture on the web store next time I see her…

If a person was to take the available information known today about black berries and compile it all into 1 website and explain the plants and what they need, etc….and show the best and show the herbal view in the making of an extract as the way for a human supplement and not this commercial powdered crap that most likely was made in china, radiated and shipped to the USA website owners as being the better, superior product, then most likely what was ever learned about black berries being the anti-cancer food would be 10x better than they ever knew….and the product would become better with every year old it becomes….and not like their powders that 'expire" in 1 year due to oxidation….

Something new to the black berries for 2014 maybe--will be "weeder" geese!

I have seen this old info cross my path twice now and it seems geese will dig grass out by the roots and black berries do not like weeds or grass…Black Berries like most trees ands bushes LOVE acid soil that is a result of TREE MULCH….as this tree mulch rots, it produces soil that berries go crazy in…

"IF" I take care of the black berries like I should, i no doubt could pick 20 gallons a day for a month and that literally would take me all day every day to do…..something I can't do in reality….so after not being able to give them away to the locals for free, I picked all I could handle and had the idea of just letting the birds have them from now on…….only time will show if they are bird food or I can sell them like any other herbal product…..and if I had to make a guess, I would have to say they are bird food, but time will tell.

For now, I have all the Black Berry Extract Tincture the world would ever want…what I would call a lifetime supply. I had so much interest in it, I NEVER HAVE BOTTLED 1 BOTTLE…….because I don't know of 1 person within 100 miles that would want it, even if it could save their life or extend their health….those types just have to 'appear" and they are few and far between….

Every orange juice fasting experience changes my life…..i could only imagine what could happen if a person would decided to live their life drinking orange juice and nothing else….or live on sweet tree juice alone… doubt those that have were seen as NOT NORMAL, because normal is to eat 3 meals with snacks every day and NEVER WAKE UP…

The first experience I had in life with orange juice that made a permanent memory was the fellow on Tv when I was young who was the strongest man on earth, lifting 1,400 pounds with ease and when interviewed this extremely thin tall man said the only thing he ate, was orange juice….WHO KNOWS, maybe that man read what I call BOOK I when he was a kid….

orange juice is not the key, the key is any sweet juice made from the fruits of trees…..that is HUMAN FOOD and naturally you ate the whole fruit back in the days before electric and machines..

The BUSH FRUITS equal the same as trees as long as the fruits are all SWEET.

Berries that are sweet are consumed by the birds… we have competition.

The reason medical believes the black berry is the king of the anti-cancer berries is that it has more natural acid that makes it a little less sweet than some of the other berries, but if the birds don't get the black berries, they are sweet when they are so ripe they are ready to fall off the plant.

My main plants are there Doyal Black berries, he has a website explaining his plants, etc…..the amish gave them to me because their english customers wanted SWEETER berries------the Doyal plants when premium will produce 20 pounds of berries per plant….it takes only 20 years and perfect soil to make a mature plant…Chickens, wood and irrigation pond water along with some ocean minerals is what I came to use to get a great crop……and now that this is done, hopefully a new chapter in life can start.




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