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Re: strange mystery problems, 9+ years, in 21 yr old otherwise healthy woman by LaurelC ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   1/21/2014 11:06:49 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi, I just joined this forum to ask others a question and came to this forum to check if my message came through. I just happened to notice your post and was curious.

First, I want to say, your symptoms you are experiencing may or may not be due to several factors. I do suspect it is multi-causational.

What I am going to ask you is this:

Did you suffer, or remember suffering a head impact from your car accident? This is the first I want to address, because you stated you had a car accident and you have "no short term memory".

Also, is your short term memory loss since January 2013?

Are your migraines since Jan. 2013 as well?


I think the NAET forum is a great place to go due to some symptoms you describe. Also, I am glad to hear you are getting tested for celiac. May I suggest you go to finerhealth dot com and check out his test.

Also, did you know if you are "allergic" to iron.. that your body will not be able to utilize it and you will have a deficiency, until you are treated? That is my understanding.

Did you know certain vitamins are needed to better absorb iron?

Do you understand the dangers of taking too much iron, especially if you have a pathogen you are trying to fight?

Are you a tea drinker? Tannic acid can interfere with iron absorption, as well as coffee.

Certain foods can interfere with absorption of iron as well, such as calcium in dairy, proteins in soy, phytates in legumes and grains.

Of course, small intestinal damage from consumption of gluten for many folks(Dr. Fine believes 1 out of every 6 people are intolerant of gluten, the last I read) also interferes with absorption of many nutrients, and can also contribute to allergies.. as does parasites, yeast overgrowth and so much more. I suggest reading the book, No More Heartburn by Dr. Sherry Rogers.

Another point I would like to make that you may already know or not and that is, "allergies" or call them "chemical sensitivities"(neither term effectively describes the condition) can cause panic attacks. Allergies can be to anything... you name it and it is all treatable.


I will tell you this, in the past several months I have had terrible fatigue. I wake up exhausted. Part of that was a leaky gut situation.. But just 4 days ago I found my "No Shot Vitamin B12(methylcobalamin). I, for some reason, decided to pop 4 of them. I have done the same each day since. On the third day I noticed a HUGE difference in my energy. I actually had energy.. even enough to write to you tonight.
I am not saying that is what you need to do, but perhaps you could consider trying the same.


Due to the sleep issues, believe it or not, I would go to a practitioner who can give you colonics. Also, get the book(if you don't already have it), Cure For All Diseases by Hulga Clark. I would do the parasite cleanse, kidney cleanse and then the liver cleanse.

Back when I was in college I thought I had a sleeping disease. I would sleep 16 hrs, go to work at the campus library and within minutes my head was down and I was out like a light. Friends came over one day and asked me if I wanted to go to Ottawa with them for a colonic. To make this story short.. I went and the doc found tape worm. I had a series of colonics and the sleep issue was gone.

Try this: touch anywhere on your body..several spots. Press down with one finger.. Now tell me, does that hurt? That same colonic doc did that to me. I was sore all over. He pressed down on my arm with one finger and it hurt. Toxin build up. I am glad to hear you are going to get your stool checked for parasites. If they don't find anything, that does not mean you do not have parasites. IMO


I am also glad you are going to get tested for Lyme Disease, but remember, the test could come back negative but you could still have Lyme. In fact, some believe we all have Lyme, but it is just dormant in many folks.

Back to that car accident you had. Did you know that trauma.. physical, emotional, viral, and or bacterial trauma can set of Lyme that is already in us?

I, too, had a car accident years ago. I joined a TBI forum and shortly thereafter, I also joined a Lyme and Rife forum. I began to notice that the symptoms among the folks at both forums were the same. What I found out is that trauma triggers the Lyme Spirochetes out of their cyst form and into an active form of Lyme.

Anyway, according to Dr. Norman Shealy, for every symptom we have, there are 300(or more) possible causes.

For example, your migraines could be due to a deficiency of magnesium(and by the way, you could be tested and have "normal levels", but still be quite deficient because cellularly the levels could be depleted yet the blood levels fine... AGAIN, I recommend you read No More Heartburn by Dr. Sherry Rogers and in that book you will learn of medical tests that might give you some further clues). If you are "allergic" to magnesium, you may not be able to get your levels back to normal. The tests you go to determine those levels may not be sensitive enough. You may have celiac sprue and too much damage in your small intestine where absorption of magnesium would be crucial. You may have Lyme Disease which would/could deplete you of magnesium due to the "fact" that Lyme spirochetes live on magnesium... which, by the way, may explain why so many people are deficient in magnesium... IF everyone in North American truly does have Lyme in one form or another. And given a doctor in my town who believes that 1 out of every 3 people are gluten sensitive, that too would explain a deficiency in magnesium. ... not to mention a myriad of other related pathogens who might compete for the magnesium... along with parasites. Oh goodness.. the list goes on.

If you do not have those 2 books, I again, highly recommend you buy them, read them, and perhaps follow their guidelines and suggestions.

Okay.. truly, this is my last statement. IF you have celiac sprue, know that you could very well have nutrient deficiencies which can explain the many symptoms you describe. Of course, there are other factors which can contribute to a defiency as well. I tend to be among those who believe that supplementation is crucial.. that would include enzymes as well.

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