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Re: Hello All! Eight months later by #123615 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   1/22/2014 2:08:24 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hi there,
The Master Cleanse is the worst thing you can do.
Especially if you have Body Odor .
That stuff has vinegar in it which feeds yeast, don't let anyone tell you any different. I don't care it's apple cider vinegar that stuff doesn't kill yeast.
and it's full of maple syrup, which means sugar.
Your body doesn't care if the Sugar is coming from organic maple trees, it's going to break down into Sugar in the end, which is going to feed yeast and any bacteria in your body causing odor.
It makes me so sad healthy people do this master cleanse and they're never the same, it's the worst bs hype out there.

foods that have helped me
and I had armpit odor
green smoothie daily, with kale, coconut water, coconut meat, blueberries and acai. you can alter ingredient, but main thing that will fight the odor is the kale and coconut water and coconut meat.
Get fresh coconuts to do this.

You're gonna need chlorophyll in the form of fresh green juice or fresh smoothies, not the bottled chlorophyll supplements, the real green juice works better than supplements.
Chlorophyll is the green stuff that makes leaves green.

I eat a pineapple a day,
and tomatoes, raw cherry tomatoes as many as you can eat.

I strongly advice you don't do a million things at once.
Try one thing at a time and see what works.
YOu will find a solution, keep at it!!!

If your problem is vagina odor, it's gotta be a yeast overgrowth so you gotta get on that diet. A good way to do a diet is to not take away anything but to add things.
For example instead of saying I'm not going to eat any sweets or twinkies or whatever you crave that's not good for you,
Make yourself eat a bag of carrots a day for breakfast
for 7 days, then add 3 kale leaves for the next 7 days and so on, adding things instead of taking things away can help take the pressure off, because having a lot of fiber in your diet will naturally curb your cravings, go slowly.

Let me know if any of this info helps you.

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