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Re: Seeking advice - Think I have discovered the missing link and dont know where to start by 155216 ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   2/4/2014 3:36:07 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I completely agree Tena, Mercury fillings have no place in the human body. I think there is a great film on youtube called The Toxic Truth or something of the like?

Its cray dentists have to wear all this protective clothing to remove them, and then they go in a biohazard box, yet its apparently ok when its in your mouth? Insanity.

One thing to note though is, removal of the fillings can actually give you a terrible mercury shock if not done correct, and there is a fine line between correct and not correct.

Its a shame about the user above. It seems, despite all his barbaric 'detoxing' he still has a very toxic mind. Such a pity for new posters as they get drawn into his anger and discontent. His advice would just be advice if he left it at that, but for some reason he has to include a 'war call' in all his first posts, the sign of a very isolated individual screaming to be heard, I think they call it only child syndrome....but I agree with the other Mikey, double face palm it is!

I thought we had finally lost him! Still, keeps us amused, however the forum would be much more supportive and a nicer place to frequent with out him. Still its a free world, so we have to accept those with problems as much as we accept normal folk.

However in other news, the OTHER troll, is now claiming Adrenal Fatigue is Malaria! Apparently, we have Malaria in England. News to the millions of people who live here, better start an evacuation. Dont think any mercury removal is gonna fight malaria.

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