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Re: Candida Protocol with Turpentine - Help Solve the Mystery! by meCowboy ..... Turpentine Healing

Date:   2/6/2014 12:18:41 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I want to clear up the Sugar issue.
Consider this. Most emergency patients are given an intervenous saline solution to rehydrate them. That solution also contains glucose. Sugar!
There is a British song title "A Spoonful of Sugar." The next line is this: "helps the medicine go down." This is not what we would first think. To make the medicine taste better? Not at all. The Sugar has a biochemical reaction on hour tissues, specifically muscles. It gently opens the cells up which allows the saline/medicine to enter the muscles for a quick and safe dosage.

I have used Xylitol from the Birch tree bark.The package has a green leaf on it. {NOT xylitol from corn which is popping up in the grocers - gmo product} Search the benefits of the Birch tree herbal or oil products. I think I am getting the benefit of both trees.

Pure Turpentine is distilled pine tree sap aka gum. Distilling destroys any unfriendly visitors that may have contaminated the pine sap or gum.

I developed a simple Colon Cleanse with a warm Sugar water enema which contains about 4 drops of Turpentine and 1 drop of DMSO for. You see, the sugar 'drives it in' much the same as sugar does.

I added a few drops of Turpentine and a drop of DMSO to my oil-pulling regimen and it pulled an infection out into a blister on my gum. The tooth no longer hurts. I'm sure that further oil-pulling will open that blister and release the infection.

I added turpentine to our toothcleaning product. My husband is loving it. His "mouth feels better" and his skin in looking the best ever. He had a life-time candida problem - was born with candida.

Thanks for this thread - ME

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