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Re: Diabetes Healed by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   3/12/2014 6:43:32 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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That was my "last" seminar and it was a bummer that the camera got bumped and it shut down and we didn't know it. I never did listen to the audio and it has long gotten misplaced and seems so long ago-----

I have never done a seminar where i had the cool stuff, it seems like the most amazing stuff all came about after the last seminar----today i could truly WOW people with the sprays, air freshen 2, etc…..

Seminars reach so few people for so much effort, yet at least 1 person's life is usually changed or someone that was there would help some other person years later, etc… was never a waste of time, it just always took allot of time.

I am working all day to day making a few special products for a person who still does seminars and the reason I am putting allot of time forth helping him restore his health, is because he is older, but highly connected with those in the business of healing and actually does seminars as part of his business----"IF" I can help him restore his health in a 3 month period, then he will be a great person to spread the word…."IF" he takes the herbs I sent him all within 3 months, I am sure he will be amazed………but no clue if anyone will take as many herbs as i sent him, only time will tell.

I personally have never known a diabetic to cure them selves, the ones I have met always refused to eat any better and never gave herbs a chance, so this is a first to hear and hopefully the dad will be telling his story when he is 108


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