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Re: Landlord has illegally placed air purifier in my apt. by corncob ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   3/29/2014 7:47:49 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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hi meto i had the odor started when i was only 19. Im now 24. But from my mixed understanding is, what caused my problem was a bout of severe anxiety and stress at work in 2009. I was sweating down there and holding up gas and eventually one day the smell started. After that it seemed like i may have got leaky gut and or SIBO along the way (or caused by all the anxiety and stress) So now its a everyday battle to keep afloat.

About the Kefir. Its interesting because Aajonus mentions in his book a lot of today lack what he calls "mutated enzymes" to eat most of our cooked garbage foods. Reason is we all started on raw foods and when man switched to cooked thats when the body went through many biological changes throughout history and of course a lot of it is related to what we put into our bodies.
So back on topic the enzymes you supplement with would be replaced by eating raw foods, in your case cooked milk especially. When i eat shit dairy i can feel the negative effects but when im consuming it raw its very different and i can digest it very well especially if you let the milk outside on the counter for a half a day to let the bacteria digest the lactose and make it more digestable. Unless you really had problems with say casein, maybe goats milk would be a better alternative. Grass fed goat butter and kefir are definately an amazing source of nutrition but very scarce in my opinion ( i live in canada, laws are f***ed up here)

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