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I may have discovered something important!! by TakeCare ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   4/2/2014 1:16:36 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Since quite young I have had an horizontal line across my neck. Nowadays I have two. I have been reading in different places that could indicate Hypothiroidism.

Ok, in my research I found goitier, what means, how it looks like and how it screams Thyroid problems.

Again, when I was younger I do remember having the goitier area prominent. I never liked my neck because of that odd line and the prominent thing that looked like a guys neck (adan's apple)

So maybe today I have discovered that I had suffer Hypothiroidism for longer that I thought. Maybe Hypothiroidism was with me even before Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and adrenals problems as.those came afterwards.

I always thouht I was a strong and healthy person. I was active, played sports, etc...

My mum has Hasimotos so probably inheredited.

What a shame I didnt know this things so I could stop what was awaiting for the following years.

Before a proper Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome I had candida, urine and E-coli infections, swolen.glands.under.neck... Also I has IBS symptoms (ended in.ER a few times.because of the pain from.trapped gas) What a nice recipe to disaster. At that time I did suffer some kind of change as I did get cellulitis (which we never had in my family) and some curves which was weird because I was already 24 years old and I always had been lean.

So my plan to wean off HC make some adrenal and.thyroid testing looks good to me.

Also I will.start buying some.books as recommended here by wired and sherpa (thanks!)

Yeterday I had again a bit of salt in.the.morning. You already know my bad recent experience with salt. In the afternoon I had a bit.more of energy which is to thank as the last days I have been in.bad shape.

The bad: I went to sleep too late. I must control myself when I get a.bit extra energy bc I dont know how to manage it and I end up going to sleep soo late which is the worst thing I can do.

I had a bit of salt at night too in an attemp to sleep well and have energy in the morning.

Well is.the.morning now, I did wake up too early and Im more awake that last days. I have a tiny slight pressure on my right temple that tells me: be carefull with salt.

A few posts down, you can see my experience (amazing and hellish) I had with salt. I really would appreciate some.insight into my issue with salt.

Makes me feel great, but do I tolerate it?

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